Borisov Automobile and Tractor Electronics Vs Arsenal (UEL)


I’m not sure either.
But I just wanted to use the word plough when we are playing a team with Tractor in their name :wink:


Ah that went completely over my head :facepalm:


Ok, he could start, but not playing the whole game in fucking Belarus :mustafi:


It isn’t winter yet :xhaka:


Yeah and look at yesterday. Tap in and a penalty and nothing else. Then you’ve got our dismal showings against Stoke and Liverpool.

We aren’t having an easy time of it in front of goal


Can’t change the entire XI from West Brom, but also can’t play too many of them 90 mins x2

also presumably none of them can do wba-bate-brighton. Will be interesting to see if Wenger actually just flat out leaves a few behind in London and tries to do this one with a skeleton crew. A point wouldn’t be the worst result


If Wenger puts out a strong enough squad, we should be able to get the three points. Try to win this group as early as we can and then you can play the youngsters in the last game or two. Giroud, Ozil, Mert, Holding, Wilshire, Walcott, Ospina, should be playing, I throw Elneny in there too. Nelson and Niles should be given a run out too. I expect one or two from WBA game along with Elneny to play too.

No point in resting players as this could be our best chance of getting into the CL. And this lot might not be as easy as some on here think especially if we struggled with Doncaster.


It will be a much tougher game than Doncaster, I didn’t see that one but presumably their goal led a charmed life! Away group game ties in the CL are usually a slog


Dragomir, what a name. Come on Vlad lad.


Losing to a team with Tractor in the name would be a new banter high.


Ozil, Iwobi, Ramsey and Xhaka haven’t even travelled.

Quite surprised in the case of Ozil and Iwobi.


Damn, Ozil not up for a trip then.

He’ll definitely start vs Brighton surely? Or maybe he’s being faded out of the team :open_mouth:


Koscielny being wisely rested so the back 3 will be fairly obvious, I guess the experience is going to come with Sanchez, Walcott and Giroud.

I wonder who the left and right backs are going to be


It will be interesting to see who plays in the wing back positions. We don’t seem to have any obvious back ups for those positions. Perhaps we should have kept the set-piece-taking left wing back that is Kieran Gibbs :grin:



Suck the blood out of them!


Hopefully that means Nelson’s gonna play in the half space behind Giroud and not at Rwb.


Could end up with a stronger/more experienced line up at home to Doncaster than vs BATE away :thinking:. I would’ve gone ‘weaker’ in the League Cup and taken more out to Belarus, we’ll see how it pans out tho

Jeorge Bird thinks:-

Ospina; Mustafi, Mertesacker, Holding; Wilshere, Elneny; Nelson, Walcott, Willock, M-Niles; Giroud

which actually is still pretty strong and shows how mammoth our squad size still is. Nowt but kids on the bench…


Nelson and AMN wing backs obvs.


Bob McNab and Viv Anderson :grin: