Who was mainly at fault in yesterday’s farce?

  • Xhaka at fault
  • Fans at fault
  • Emery at fault
  • Everyone at fault

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So, about last night. Xhaka was subbed off. He walked off without a hurry in the world. Disgruntled fans aimed boos at him. He cupped him ears and appeared to say “fuck off” as he took off his shirt and walked down the tunnel.
Whichever side one is on, for Xhaka to stay or go, for him to remain captain or not, for Emery to stay or go. Think the club has hit an all time low. Forget about the quality of football and results for a moment. Each and every detail, from Emery bringing off his captain when chasing a goal, to fans booing their own captain, to the captain having a go at his fans. This is an all time low for Arsenal football club as a whole. Personally, whatever happens, a captain should never behave the way Xhaka behaved yesterday. Though I can factor in Xhaka knows(via social media and what not) he’s public enemy number one and yesterday’s event were a result of the culmination of the cold war between Xhaka and the fans for sometime rather than a single stand off event. One way or the other, I expect the club to do something about the Xhaka captaincy situation as I feel there’s no turning back for the Xhaka-fans relation after yesterday. Though I wouldn’t be much surprised if our club just tries to numb this down like they’ve done for so many other scenarios for the last few years. Sad state of affairs, really.

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It’s only a big deal, if you wish to make it to be.

Quite honestly it’s a nothing event, that doesn’t require so much deliberation.

Not a big deal if things were all rosy. But given the relation between Xhaka and the fans and the overall state of affairs lately, think it kind of matters. And I’m one of the laid back guys, if you will. Wrighty coming out and publicly saying Xhaka should apologize speaks volumes imo

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I’m not sure you held that opinion when it was Wenger on the receiving end.

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Good poll, I’d say neither Emery, Xhaka nor the fans came out of the match looking very good.

Yesterday’s incident doesn’t happen if Xhaka isn’t picked. Emery is at fault for putting his faith in a sub-par player.

Emery picks him every week and even makes him club captain! Buck rests with the manager for trusting in a player who is not up to the task.

For the way Xhaka has performed since joining, all the errors over the years and silly statements in the press - I find it difficult to blame the fans for their resentment boiling over. Should have directed their ire at Emery instead.

But ultimately, I place the blame at Emery’s feet. He should be able to see that Xhaka is not good enough. Making him captain, despite the clear feelings towards him by the fanbase, has essentially thrown Xhaka under the bus. It was always going to end this way the second he was given the armband.


Yeah, no winners here. Emery looks like a cunt giving Xhaka the captaincy. Xhaka looks like a cunt pulling that stunt. And the crowd behaviour makes our support look like cunts to everyone else. Bit of a sad day.

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Yeah, everyone can have a “I’m a dickhead” badge here, I think.

Although I wouldn’t personally have booed Xhaka, I understand why fans are annoyed. And likewise, Xhaka shouldn’t have reacted how he did, but at the same time, a large section of our fan base are pricks and I’d quite like to tell those ones to fuck off too :smile:

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I think Xhaka doesn’t help himself with his onfield play at times, the Brighton peno from last season is the moment fan’s had enough of him and the Spurs peno, his interviews this season which have been a disgrace for a captain imo. Making him captain was idiotic decision, even if the players and Emery decided someone from above should have stepped in and told them that the fan’s won’t accept him. I think Emery didn’t do him favors or either did his teammates, he’s not captain material, he’s probably a good mate but he’s not a leader on the field.

The fan’s shouldn’t be sending the man death threats, but I think the way he walked off the field warrants the booing imo. Xhaka is everything wrong with this club right now,

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Chala response to being subbed off is the real problem.
Reacting to the crowd is the same as retaliation to a foul you can’t do it. Should of been an apology by now. He’s put himself above the club now and needs to be punished.

The board hired Emery
Emery persisted with Xhaka
Xhaka pisses off the fans every game

So what about blaming the board?

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I wouldn’t want a apology by him and I’m sure a lot of fan’s just won’t buy it either. I think the bridge has been burned by both sides, I think it’s up to Emery to grow a back bone and strip him off the captaincy and take him out of the team. I be massively surprised if that’s not the last thing you see of him at Arsenal. No way Emery can honestly start him and have him as captain again.

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We could go one step further back than that, and blame all their parents for spawning them!

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Don’t get me wrong he won’t be genuine but it’s the thing that has to be seen to be done by the club.
Really is just about professional standards by the club.

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Lets blame the big bang and be done with it

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back off.

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It probably will be done, but at this point is it really worth it, i doubt he really mean it anyway. After his reactions, I think there’s a point of no return for Xhaka. Better for him and the club that he moves on in January. Emery is under enough pressure without having his captain put him under more.

Wouldn’t surprise me with Emery if he does play him or doesn’t play him at the home games lol.

Everyone is at fault, I think a lot of the frustration stems from the fact we have high ticket prices and have been largely irrelent in big club terms for a decade.

So much is wrong with this club from boardroom levels, to managemt and players. Our fans are also utter dross and you rarely him them get vocal in a positive way.

We have had an awful set of results and performances.

2 0 to 2 2

Xhaka put it a half arsed attempt at blocking the cross for the second goal

Proceeds to walk slowly off the pitch

The guy is brain dead honestly, if you cant work out or judge that the fans are going to be mad at you and the team and act accordingly like running off the pitch and ignore the boos from a crowd full of emotion then you’re just an idiot.

Wenger and the team were boo’d almost constantly for 2 years with banners and airplanes as well, I dont recall anyone crying or acting like that…hell Wenger managed to fucking win more games than emery in that atmosphere.

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