Bolton saved / Bury chucked out The Football League

Man this is very sad to see.

When I was growing up as an Arsenal fan they were PL stalwarts and one I hated us playing as they always got something off us.

But it looks like they are fucked and are going to get chucked out the football league by Wednesday

Crying shame.

A club with a heck of a lot of history.

One of my first memories as an Arsenal fan is Tony Adams grabbing a last minute equaliser at their ground in the FA Cup 3rd round in 94

(We won’t speak about the replay)

Sort of sad really… I still remember Jay Jay with his silky skills and finding them annoying as f*ck to play.

Hopefully somebody swoops in and saves them.

Shame that football going to lose another club and the impact that it will have in the community

Jay Jay Okacha, always bought him on championship manager.


Sad to see this. Early memory of Nat Lofthouse driving a wet heavy leather ball and busting the net at Luton.

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This is sad. For good 5-6 years of my initial viewing of PL, Bolton wanderers were always there in the list.

I loved the name as well.

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Really sad…wasnt such a long time ago i used to hate going up against them in the premier league they always gave us problems!

Is it a coincidence that two clubs who are in serious trouble of going out of business right now happen to clubs based in the Manchester area?

I don’t know the ins and outs exactly of how these two clubs have been run in recent years. We’ve had occasions like Leeds and Portsmouth in horrendous money issues but eventually got back on track, but this situation seems even more dire.

Man Utd and Man City very much rule the city and it can’t be easy for neighbouring clubs to get their foot in when there’s many clubs, especially top clubs all close together (including Merseyside not far away either).

Hope for their fans sake, they’re able to find a solution quickly.

Why can’t Man City just root around under the sofa and give Bury £1m to solve this at a stroke

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Yea, a whip round in the dressing room should clear it up.

First team to the FA cup at Wembley. David Jack first goal scorer and later joins the Arsenal for a then record fee.
Sad days.


First team to win the FA cup at Wembley. David Jack first goal scorer and later joins the Arsenal for a then record fee.
Sad days.

I might come across as insensitive, but nothing lasts forever, it’s not as if the club was of any significance in recent years, and new clubs will sprout to take its place. Does anyone except a tiny circle of older fans care that much about the history books of the club?

There too will come a day when there will be no more Arsenal, no more IBM, Intel, Google, the UK, the EU, Earth for that matter. Enjoy while it lasts.

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Define significance please.

I feel like they paid Kevin davies enough over his career that he could easily afford to buy the entire club now. What’s that guy up to these days?

Ohh man… good ole Kevin Davies… one of the most annoying f*ing players in the league.

Ivan Campo. Jay-Jay Okocha. Stelios Giannakopoulos. Some real quality players have come through Bolton over the years.

Ten years ago they were beating Athletic Madrid in the UEFA Cup. In less than a day they may no longer exist. Whichever way you look at it, it’s incredibly sad.

I deliver round those parts and some of the customers were telling me that losing both Bury and Bolton will be absolutely devastating financially as well as emotionally for the local area.

If only they kept Allardyce and he got them into the Champions League, all of this would’ve been avoided

They were Stoke before Stoke was Stoke.