Blackpool Vs Arsenal (FA Cup 3rd Round)


LOL cech! That must have nearly killed you Luca

(Watching now btw)


Cech, you puta madre de dios FFS!


The pitch is a potatoes field.
Thanks god they are crap because we are allowing them back into the game.
Laca on. Finish them off! :laca:
Mark Howard off injured. He was our reserve goalie in the 2005 Community Shielf final.


An Arsenal Legend


Was the first half this shit too?




McManaman is such a scouser.


Damn we look garbage.


Crowd treating the match like the Aaron Ramsey invitational. Chanting his name non stop!

“Aaron Ramsey we want you to stay.”


tbf there was a break in the middle of the first half where they went for the “we hate tottenham” for a bit.


It’s hard to look good on a pitch that shit





They arent speaking for all of us.


We haven’t conceded yet, this is outstanding :sunglasses:


Any vid of the goal? For those of us dragged out by a no so understanding woman to the plights of a football fan


Willock seems better at tap-ins than Aubameyang himself.


Me and my buddy are in a debate on whether the Iwobi goal is actually offside. He is when Ramsey shoots, the keeper clears it to Iwobi but Iwobi falls back a yard and I think is actually behind one of their defenders as well when he actually touches the ball that came off the keeper. Is that still offside? :thinking:


i didnt think it was i thought after the goalkeeper saved it was deemed second phase…or is this wrong?


Did i see an arsenal defender win a ball on the air in our own box


I argue it is second phase, my buddy guesses a ref wouldn’t give it anyway