Blackpool Vs Arsenal (FA Cup 3rd Round)


Look at Blackpool’s owner. He looks like the perfect cunt with that cowboy hat :gabriel:
Cech :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Loool lichenstein looks out of his dept against the farmers haha !


Looks like an absolute G :grin:


Now i know why Juventus didn’t renew his contract. They aren’t stupid :mustafi:


willock scores again




Lichtensteiner would look out of his depth at an indoor 5 a side with my mates.


Nice move involving Iwobi, Jenko, Eddie and Wil.


Looks like a comfortable game in a dead stadium, on an awful pitch.


Their manager looks like a farmer, tbh. @LordBendtner


This is a lot easier than the home game in the League Cup was for some reason, altho apparently their best defender is missing and we did have Mustafi on the pitch for 90 minutes


Normal first half. We got it.


Lichensteiner off medley on at HT


Really hope Nketiah gets his goal, cause he’s been great except right infront of goal.


Why is he A shit finisher all of a sudden?


Just saw who is the referee :neutral_face:


Could be 2-1!


You gave me a heart attack! Why did you do this?


In a game like this? :grinning: a heart attack