Blackpool Vs Arsenal (FA Cup 3rd Round)



  • Arsenal win
  • Draw (replay)
  • Blackpool win

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We’ll win.


Yeah I think we’ll progress but Blackpool will score a goal maybe 2.


I always love the start of the FA Cup. Not sure Emery will take it too seriously for the time being though.


I see @SRCJJ has been significantly scarred after that Liverpool prediction :mkhi:


Are all our youngsters healthy? Would like to see Saka, ESR, and Medley feature for sure.


Blackpool will be harder than the teams in the europa in a cup tie. Where vulnerable enough at the back without trying to be clever playing to many youngsters here.
Forset defeat last year done nothing for us. This is the FA cup. Its on the box and we dont need an upset being beamed to the nation making our problems any bigger than they are already.


Did they scrap replays at some point of the competition from this season? Or am I just imagining things ?


5th round on or something like that.

We will win this handy. Play the kids in defence and a couple of older mids and attackers and be grand.


Replays for round 3 and 4 only.


I think getting top 4 and EL need to be front and center right now for us.

I’d go for a solid side, with enough fire power on the bench just in case Blackpool pull a prime Barca on us lol.

Cech, Elneny, Saka, Guendouzi, Ramsey, Smith Rowe, Jenkinson, Willock, Lichsteiner, Medley and Nketiah should be getting a run out. Throw in Bellerin (if he’s fit) and Kos in for game time, even Maitland Niles.

I don’t want us getting knocked out and we should give it a go, but getting top 4 is a must. And I don’t want any replays. We don’t need more games added on to our busy list.


It’s another ‘Arsenal to win, both teams to score’ for me. Should be able to see them off with a combination of our senior comedy defenders + the likes of Saka and Nketiah up top

Also I didn’t know replays had been scrapped in this sacred competition. Disgraceful :angry:


I can remember the Arsenal Liverpool semi taking four games and the FA putting pressure on for penalty shoot out. Both clubs chairman Hill wood and Robinson united in refusing.


The only replay series I can recall is against Leeds. it either took 3 or 4 games.


There was also the five games against Sheffield Wednesday that we eventually won.


Yeah they where in the third division at the time too. Crazy nights them.


10-0 for Blackpool.


Blackpool are on a bad run of form. They’ve scored 1 goal in their last 5 league games. Mind you, the league 1 defences are significantly better than what we have at the back :laughing:


Any team who’s on a bad run or bad form always come good agaisnt us, Cardiff couldn’t score a goal for a few games then scored twice agaisnt us. Brighton couldn’t pick up a point in a few games got one over us. Southampton were on a bad losing run and ended up winning agaisnt us.

wouldn’t surprise me if Blackpool, pull out a prime Barca performance agaisnt us.


That would be extremely suprising in fairness.