Blackpool Vs Arsenal (FA Cup 3rd Round)


Just wait and see, teams who have the worse run of form seem to get back on track agaisnt us. We should win this comfortably, but it wouldnt shock me if Blackpool pull out a great performance and drag us to a replay.


If Blackpool have a player than can play a decent long pass and a half decent striker, we are in trouble.


Hope to see Emile and Eddie. Hopefully they can both score.


Yeah not sure I will make watching this one, game is 430am Sunday morning and I have my brothers wedding on Saturday.


Hope to see some of our fringe players in.


Hope to see Jenkinson.


Isn’t Bellerin back for this one?


You mean ’ El Hector’? Yeah, that guy retired a while ago. He is now our art director overseeing things from the stands. Smart move by the club tbf.


Ahah! He was dressed like a prat on tuesday :bellerin:.


Mate. You’ll make it. Aussiegooner doesn’t miss games


It kills me how long balls still kill the Arsenal defense, easily.



Great news! We have really missed our fashion guy in the last weeks.


Anyone listen to the Blackpool Supporters Trust lady on Arsecast? The oystons really are horrible fucking cunts. The bit where she said that they protest outside the stadium at every home game and as the match kicks off the walk away kind of got to me. Awful situation for them.


What’s the spark notes version of the situation, if you don’t mind?


Lack of investment, big debts run up against the club making the fact that it’s currently up for sale almost irrelevant and regulartory failure on the side of the PL and EFL.


Haven’t sold the club yet? Must be a nightmare for their supporters.


The last time we were in Blackpool


Surely it’s not that long ago!!!


They had one season in the PL so yes it is haha