Blackpool Vs Arsenal (FA Cup 3rd Round)


I actually remember this game pretty clearly. I remember they had Ian Holloway as manager and he said after the match that completing against Arsenal as Blackpool manager was like being a gladiator going into the Colosseum with only a toothpick.


The main thing I remember about this game is that it was Lehmann’s first game in an astonishing return to us.

Oh, and also Merse had said that he’d rather have a season ticket to watch Blackpool than Arsenal that season. I wanted to see what the fuss was all about


Yeah Blackpool were proper entertaining that season :smile: They scored more goals than some of the teams in the top half of the table. Unfortunately their defence was a sieve and they got battered quite often.


wtf :joy:



Oh well. Nothing goes right for us.



Lichtsteiner :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A bit surprised about Koss, but I guess he will get rest after… would have liked to see Saka, but this is sensible lineup. Saka will get his 30 minutes assuming we are up second half. Maybe Medley too to spell Koss. Can throw Laca on if we need a goal late.


Week rest after this one so it’s fine to play Kos.

He needs minutes


They just showed Ramsey walking into the ground with the team.
He looks a bit sheepish being in almost the reserve team.



Eddie madness tonight :fire:


C’mon Arsenal!


Why are you obsessed with it? Just a question.


With madness? I’m not. Shit band


:mustafi: :facepalm:


Stronger team than Big Weng picked or would pick at the 3rd rd stage for this level of opposition despite the threat, so I’m happy with that. I think Iwobi would’ve got the night off too if Smith-Rowe were available.


Yeah ESR being injured really is too bad. Love to see how he develops this year. I guess he should be ready soon, no?


The fuck is he wearing?