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Pretty much this. Upregulation of receptors keeping the subject “sensitive” to the drug.

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It doesn’t absolve the defendant though.

The defense argument appears to be “The victim would have dropped dead at that moment regardless of the defendant’s actions.”

There is intent required to prove murder in Maryland and I assume in Minnesota as well. And you’re presumed to intend the natural consequences of your own actions. It’s in the pattern jury instructions. It’s very difficult for me to get around that fact. What is the natural consequence of cutting off air to someone’s brain for one minute? Two minutes? Five minutes? Nine minutes? The defendant intended to cut off air to the victim’s brain. He stayed there for longer than was necessary to subdue the victim. There’s no emergency. There’s no crowd of people trying to run up on him. He’s relaxed and totally in control. He was exactly where he wanted to be. He intended to cut off that airway.

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Nah, he was simply getting high. If you have experience and tollerance of getting high and overdosing on drugs you simply get used to it. I bet I’ve been 10-30 times over the L52 death rate a load of times on a load of different drugs and alcohol.

Lad didn’t die with a knee on his neck because of a coincidence.

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I’ll tell you what, buy me the same amount of the same drug and I’ll take it. If I die you win, if I don’t I win. Deal?

I think this is where the defence are clutching at straws, too. Did the effects of overdosed fentanyl kick in at the very point he was confronted by the cops? That’s what they want to prove. It’s a stretch. It’s like me trying to get into a waist size 29 pair of trousers.

I think the predisposition of a weakened cardiovascular state due to fentanyl could have contributed to his death (which was initiated by the knee)

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The only ‘not guilty argument’ is that the drugs he took killed him at the same time a police officer decided to choke him for 9 minutes. Otherwise it’s a minimum manslaughter and you can argue the other culpability later

The fact some people are claiming the only cause of death is drugs concerns me greatly.

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A police trainer in Chauvin’s police department just threw Chauvin under the bus. He said they haven’t been trained to kneel on the neck of someone who’s handcuffed. He said knee on the neck is deadly force. He said the safety of GF when handcuffed was Chauvin’s responsibility. He said once a person is cuffed the threat level goes down.

He was asked what the training was towards the prone position (lying down as GF was). He said ‘we’re trained to get them out of the prone position as soon as possible because it restricts their breathing’. He was asked about handcuffing behind the back and said it stretches the muscles around the torso and makes it more difficult to breath. Also stated police officers are first responders who should provide CPR

Chauvin’s defenders have been saying he was trained to use the knee on the neck as a restraint technique. This defense has now been removed by a fellow officer.

The only downside is they didn’t play the video and get his comentary step by step

EDIT - now he’s asked about the footage. He’s called the knee on the neck completely unecessary and said he’d stop when resistance stopped

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But the thing is the knee on the neck is in they training there is reports about this fact all over the so for him to say they are not is complete none sense

He’s an expert while you are not

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Again this was reported on not my opinion and was stated the the practice needed to change

Again view the court case. He stated the knee on the neck while a man was handcuffed was both dangerous and against policy because of it’s likelyhood to kill

Just like it was reported that Floyd od on the same drugs a few months prior that and his gf found him

Have you stop to think maybe the department is try to protect itself and distance themselves from the situation? Because like I said it was reported that this was in the training.

Lads, if yous want to do a play by play of the court case then start a thread for it.

Ugh there’s absolutely nothing worse than the amateur attorneys on Twitter doing play by play on this trial.


Yes there is. Ryaninho doing it here.

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Have I? Or did not just point out a blatant lie that was told? I’m not even following this farce of a trail over some drug addict who od while being restrained by the police. I’m embarrassed that they are holding this guy up in the same league as mlk or Malcolm x. No one wants justice here they just want they pound of flesh. Please get you facts right and stop posting shit

I just wanted to take a moment to remember the race war of 2020, and all those who lost their lives. I’m just glad that we have begun to recover as a society, repair the damage done and begin to rebuild relations between the races.

Owen Jones may have paid with his life when Douglas Murray impaled him on his bayonet at the Battle of Fleet Street, but it’s good to see his fellow antagonists like Ash Sarkar and Afua Hirsh being imprisoned for their role in this. I hope they don’t ever see freedom after what they did to this once great, United Kingdom.