Black Lives Matter Movement

All right cunts, time to resolve almost half a millennia of systemic American racism and oppression like only an online football forum can.

Rioting and protesting is OK, looting is not. Discuss.


Rap music feeds the stereotype

You can’t make a statement like that and then not back it up!


Not sure if you’re expanding from a previous post but what’s the stereotype?

Not gonna lie, it sometimes feels to me like you purposely try to be controversial. It’s a serious topic, not sure what your motive is.


I was jesting

South-Asians, especially the ones not grown up in this part of the world (West-Europe, USA/Canada), don’t take this kind of stuff serious because they look down on African people themselves. Hence they are insensitive to the situation or have no empathy whatsoever. I don’t think @SRCJJ claims of him being racist are that far off tbh.


Stereotyping much

I think it’s an interesting side discussion, even though he was jesting (or being racist).

It’s beyond obvious he’s a racist. I’m not even sure how anybody could even deny it or fail to see it.

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It’s not like you guys do a lot to discredit the stereotype. Even among yourselves you look down on dark skinned people.


There is a reputation for a reason, but without intending to be this is still a major generalisation too. There are still many strong positive links between African and Asian cultures through media markets and arts to name a few. But it is present without doubt.

Discrimination against Afro-Carribean communities is sadly a common theme across the globe. It’s abhorrent all over Asia, South America, the US itself and in large parts of Europe despite the progress in nations like the UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy etc.

Regions in Eastern Europe, Russia and many more places are also hotbeds for prejudice against black people.

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I just think the time and place is wrong for jesting.

Also while I’m making that point I’m just gonna add it’s a shit joke. Sorry, not having a go at you of course.

You can perhaps point at me but we have no history of prosecuting blacks in South Asian Community.
So I find a white man pointing fingers at brown community a tad ridiculous.

But some rap do feed into stereotype that we are violen, pron to criminality, hyper sexual and little to no moral. To say show me the proof when you can pick so many is just disingenuous. It’s ok to call a spade a spade when it is in context. That’s another part of black culture I’m tired of some parts of our culture glorifies violence, sex and anti social behavior


I’m not a white man. My ex-girlfriend was South-Asian. I experienced the racism first hand. Not of one or two people either.

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The chain of videos this guy posted is pretty disturbing

Trumps America is a very ugly one.

Oh the incestual suggestion of asking someone to suck his dad’s dick made me have that impression.

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To be fair so did I with one of my gf I had one guy who was two shades darker than me tell me he is brown and I’m black because white people said so :joy:

Did trump order them in or was it the state governor?