Tim Vickery on Talksport speaking positively about him. One to keep an eye on.

at 23 still playing for Gremio doesn’t feel me with much confidence


He’s 23?!

Yeah fuck that

googled him

Vickery mentioned his linkup with Suarez has been excellent. How Suarez has very high demands of those around him and that Bitello one of the players to stand up to the challenge.

Is there a clip of what Vickery said?

If you check Talksport website for the last hour of the h&j show, you should be able to give it a listen. I would be surprised if they make a clip of it to put on twitter.


A decent player from the comps. Attacking number 8 is what I’d profile him as

Looks like he’d be competing with Vieira on the bench press. 23 year old skinny Brazilian suddenly gonna bang in the PL?

Like the idea (unknown punts on the cheap) but skeptical on this one.

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Happened to Martinelli…

Did not, he still isn’t 23…

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Edu has earned the right to give us one of his contact book signings lol


Forgetting the age, we’re looking another youngster coming into the league and hoping he hits the floor running.

I agree with this, for £10m, its worth a go.

Don’t buy the rumours just yet but there’s nothing wrong I in these sort of signings. Not every signing will be high profile, costing us 30+m in a transfer fee and 100+k in wages.

These are low risk moves. You either get a very good player in that you can use or end up selling for profit, or at make a very minimal loss(if not break just about even).

Having Edu here gives us a strong hand on the Brazilian market and players. It obviously benefits us negotiating for some top Brazilian talent(Gabriel and Gabriel) but he should also be able to identify some uncovered talents that we can take a chance on.

his name reminds me of Little Britain


For sure, I want more of them tbh.

If we can get a martinelli for every 2-3 Marquinhos or even close to that then why the hell not.

We’ve already seen, Enrique, Angelo and roque all gone already; so I am not fused with it if we get closer ties to the Brazilian outfits.

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For just a second I thought this was a thread about yet another crypto shitcoin