Better Call Saul (spoilers)

Noticed there wasn’t a thread but this masterpiece of a show deserves one more than most.

Final season now and the brilliance of the writing will never cease. So unpredictable despite all we know from Breaking Bad.

But what prompted this thread now…

HO-LY SHIT that mid-season finale :weary::anguished::tired_face:
I’m shaking from what just happened. Fucking unreal
This whole half season has been spectacular. Nacho fucking Varga what a guy.

Best writers and best show out there right now without a doubt. It’s going to be a long six weeks before the final episodes air.

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Fucking hell I still gotta watch this series as absolutely fucking loved breaking bad.

Ah what? Ffs!

Yeah fantastic show this, great final scene in that finale last week!

Looking forward to see how this is gonna transfer into the Saul we saw in Breaking Bad. Not sure if this should be considered a spoiler but for example I’m very curious to see what happens to Kim Wexler.

What a show, the last scene took me by surprise, this is top notch.

Poor Howard


Just realized the next episode is gonna be released july 11th.

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