Bernd Leno

Oh god. Oh god o God.

surely he has to be better than Flappy Cech.

if we do rebuild, this is the right timing to get a younger keeper also.


Sounds about right to me.

Sign him up. How much does he cost?

Leno and Torreira?!? MADNESSSSSSSS

Well, probably, but there are better options out there. I don’t personally rate Leno. He has a habit of producing some real howlers and he’s had a poor season.

He’s nowhere near the top level, but perhaps Emery trusts the GK coach to knock him into shape.

have only seen him on the standard youtube highlight videos, which for goalkeepers especially is a useless method to judge. Have you seen full lenght games with him? how is his footwork rated?

Yeah just to be clear, when I said ‘oh god’ it wasn’t in a hyped way, it was a ‘shitting myself’ way lol.

Those are some horrible numbers.

I’ve seen quite a bit of him this season and he’s been pretty dreadful. His footwork seems to have come along, though. Have seen people who watch him more than I do say that’s probably his best trait.

Also, Lewis Ambrose who works for Arseblog is a big Bundesliga fan and he said if we’re going for Leno, we might as well stick with Cech, so…



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Yeah, I feel we might get Bernd on this deal.



OK, I think we found Cuellar’s real identity.


But but but…we need a replacement for almunia it has been years!! :santi:

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He has had some shaky moments recently, but i’d still take him.

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Thank God for that

Go get Lafont


Yes, yes, and yes. Absolute wonderkid on FM last few years :poldi:

We don’t have Big Wenga anymore so no more french players in :wenger:


Not sure on this guy tbh. He’s suposidly average as fuck

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