Bernd Leno

Oh fuck off! No no no no no no.

How can anyone who has watched this guy this season rate him? He’s 26 too, so i’m not sure we’d see him massively improve from here.

Sportbild isn’t always the most reliable though, so hopefully they’re wrong again.

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If the fee was £10m I’d bite but £22m? Seems too much tbh, this would be a player Sven would have a decent idea about and I think we overpaid for Papa too

Would rather have signed Perin who went on the cheap.

Leno seems to have nosedived over the last few years, it’s a marginal upgrade on paper so those are doubtful?

Guy works for Di Marzio. Looks like this is happening. I’ll trust Sven on this even though I’m not sure on it


I thought Leno was highly regarded, what’s happened to him?

Feels like we’re signing Karius or Mignolet everywhere I look.

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He’s been very shit the last 2 years.

Apart from Karius (lololololololol) i trust german GK’s. You dont get selected for die manscahft so many times if you are pure shite.

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I fear we have.

Going to have to trust Sven on this as cant see this as an upgrade on Cech or Ospina.

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Didn’t we get PSG’s highly rated goalkeeping coach, i doubt that we’ll try to sign Leno without consulting with him, so i’m inclined to reserve any judgment based on youtube clips if he believes Leno’s worth a shot.

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Yeah I trust sven basically.

Also, these days sky should just report what sky italia say tbh, the only useful part of sky.

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Choo Choo…:unai:

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I thought he was also heading to Napoli?

I read he was going to Napoli, instead.

At least when Liverpool bought Karius he’d just been voted second best GK in the Bundesliga behind Neuer though. Leno isn’t even top half!

If our bar is really that low then we should just take a risk on a youngster like Lafont (who at 19 is already better than the current Leno IMO).

If this happens, I can only hope a new environment and some magical coaching will help Leno kick on because if we’re getting the keeper I’ve seen everytime I’ve watched him over the last couple of years then we’d be in dreamland to think this signing will solve our GK issues.

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From what i have seen he makes saves Petr Cech could only dream of. Maybe he is the goalkeeping version of Mustafi - high ceiling, but far to inconsistent. In that case a top class goalkeepingcoach could do the business at it seems he has all the raw ability to make a top keeper. I remain horny until i watch him fuck it up week after week. COYG #UnaiForPres


Sometimes consistency is also a mark for quality. Players who can’t be consistent are sometimes just not good enough.

According to Kicker he is also our number one choice.

Bernd Leno’s clause expired in May of this year, but Leverkusen are prepared to let him walk for a €20-25 million fee according to SportBild. They’ve already signed the former Eintracht Frankfurt keeper on a free. Leno is gone either way is seems. The only question is were off too…

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Poor Napoli

De Gea wasn’t consistent when he first went to United, was making all kinds of mistake.

De Gea was 21 when he went to United.