Benfica Vs Arsenal (UEL)

That’s the thing, I think people are actually being slightly harsh about the performance overall because of the result. We lacked a punch in attack but we do as a side in general. In this match it should’ve been over at the half and Aubameyang has to take a large portion of the blame for that. We gave him guilt edged chances and also were mostly solid at the back.


I agree that the performance wasn’t great but that we probably deserved more, given Aruba’s fluffed chances and their very jammy penalty.

But I really dislike how Arteta managed the last 20-25 minutes. We basically closed up shop and were happy to take 1-1, as were they. That might make sense for us at 1-1 if this were a real away match with their fans roaring them on and with us looking forward to the return leg at our stadium. But with this stupid two neutral site tie, we should have gone for their throats and tried to get another away goal.


I don’t mind Arteta going safe. The boys out there weren’t sharp. Should have scored 5-6 at least. They just weren’t gonna do it. Everyone was off.
We all know how football is, you miss chances you get punished. I’m actually surprised we drew. This was a typical game of football where you create a thousand chances and somehow lose.

Really concerning that Auba had such an off day after looking so good against Leeds.

His poor form has been instrumental in our poor season. When he’s on he’s worth a lot of points but really do wonder how much he really wants it after he signed his mega late career deal.

Hope it’s just a temporary rather than permanent dip and we see less off days going forwards

That should have been a routine W but Aubameyang had other ideas. Poor finishing from him especially the first chance which should be put away 10/10 times.

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When you smell the blood, when you know your opponent is far inferior, you gotta go for it, go get a win.
Being sharp or not is not an excuse for “playing safe”.

Yes, Auba was bad yesterday, but bringing in Tierney and Elneny was not helping us to score either; and Willian you know…

We were out of this tournament the second a non-farmer team came out of the hat.

These guys are basically farmers.

We will hump them. Or Arteta should should lose his job.

We won’t, and Arteta will stay.

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I can really see us losing the 2nd leg 1 nil.


That really should be the straw that breaks the camels back.

But tbh I think we will score a few and win.

It won’t be

Only hope I have is that Benfica won’t be able to create anything, they looked like us the other night pretty toothless. Our attack is much more talented. I could see them scoring a fluke type goal and us being flaccid as usual tho.

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All we have to do is fucking work, W-O-R-K! Not drift about like we OD’d on sleeping pills. We’ve got the the talent, the ability. Just fucking use it.

It’ll be 1-1. We’ll go to extra time. Both teams will score again, but Benfica will go through on away goals.

Kidding. I think we’ll win quite convincingly, 2-0.

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