Bayern vs Arsenal (CL) 1-0

Bayern vs Arsenal

:stadium: Allianz-Arena
:calendar: Wednesday 2024-04-17T19:00:00Z
:soccer: UEFA Champions League
:tv: TNT Sports


  • Bayern win (90 mins)
  • Arsenal win (90 mins)
  • Bayern win AET
  • Arsenal win AET
  • Bayern win pen shootout
  • Arsenal win pen shootout

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Biggest game of the season so far.

Let’s bring it home!

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Beating Man City in the final of the CL would make up for them winning the PL title.
It would also mean we’d beaten them on the first and last day of the season to win a trophy.

don’t we get City in the semi’s if we beat Bayern and they win vs. Madrid?


Yep. Can’t play them in the final.

Lets fucking do these cunts!


We’re a pretty decent side away from home, arguably better on the road than at home :sweat_smile: - so I imagine we’re going to get some kind of response from the boys on Wednesday night.

Hate to say it but my head and my heart both point to nothing but a Bayern win.

But hey we live on hope and it’s a big element of being a footy fan. So let’s hope they prove me (and many more of us) wrong.


I fucking hate football right now. I don’t know if I can get myself up for this game cause I have that familiar sinking feeling about us. That’s what years and years of supporting Arsenal does to you.

On paper, we are the better side, and if Mikel gets his tactics right, we can get a result, but that’s on paper. In reality, anything is possible. I didn’t see yesterday’s result coming, although I expected it to be a tough game. And now I can’t see us not fumbling the rest of the season.


Bayern will also be upset about Leverkusen winning the league (unbeaten till this point too), so will throw everything they have at the UCL.

Kane will inevitably score a penalty or some ridiculousness, will dive and elbow Gabriel in the throat again… so we’re going to need at least a 2 goal cushion against these pricks.

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Look if we lose its mid April and we’ve been going strong on the two main fronts.

I think we will win tbh but there’s no shame in going out to Bayern after we gifted them 2 goals at home, it’s disappointing to have done that but half their team has huge experience in Europe while ours don’t. We easily have a better squad than them but that’s not all that matters in these fixtures.

Plus as much as it now looks like city’s title, we’re 2 points off and have to keep going in the league. They might have a random wobble as well, who knows.


I’ve felt like shit all day but I’m trying to not let negativity impact me too much going into this.

We’re still a top side, this is a huge occasion, we have the opportunity to advance to the last 4 in footballs biggest club competition.

No time to feel sorry for ourselves Arsenal, let’s create our own history and lift everyone.

Bayern 1-2 Arsenal Havertz winner in extra time.


Cautiously optimistic. Defend well and score one. COYG :red_circle:

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After the last sh1t show I am not feeling so confident at all, I thought we might have won this but now Meh :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

On paper this game suits us.

Bayern will want to dominate at home. Arsenal has formidable organisation and structure to counter this.

Bayern will lean more into attacking phases and they have conceded plenty of goals this season. Arsenal should be able to get good opportunities to score.

The problem is that we’ve just been knocked to the canvas by Villa. Are we going to be mentally resolute enough to bounce back at the Allianz? Big fucking ask tbh.

We have to keep it REALLY tight first half. Give nothing away. An early goal will wobble us and I’d be very worried. 0-0 at HT and we could nick a goal. This game will be a lot more cautious than the last imo.


Arteta - change what doesn’t work.

Not what does.

Jesus and Zinchenko have parts to play here but no Havertz in cm ffs

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White Saliba Gabriel Tomiyasu
Odegaard Rice
Saka Havertz Martinelli


Play our best team:


Dunno why we’d revert to Havertz in cm again, even Mikel in a recent interview said sometimes the players end up showing you where they should play, when talking about Havertz up front.

Stick with him there and let Jesus ride the bench.


Yet it worked great yesterday before we were gassed(we could’ve been up by 3-4 goals at HT yesterday) and our best performances this season came with Havertz-Rice-Odegaard in midfield.

If we had better midfield choices I’d entertain other combos at this stage but Partey and Jorginho are washed. Anyone who tried to exploit that weakness recently has had a free run on the counter against us.

Bayern have runners and ball carriers who can punish us for it, like they did in the first game.