BATE Borisov Vs Arsenal (UEL Round of 32 1st Leg)


Norwich vs Ipswich tomorrow mate :+1:


Back to what’s truly important to us. The Europa is back lads.

Hleb masterclass incoming

Will Özil be over his dicky belly?

Will Mustafi be played against his will and cry in his sleep the night before?

Prediction ratings of a Xhaka-thirty-five-yarder are HOT!

Lacazette on a hattrick and gets culled in the 72nd minute for the cameo of Nketiah

Torreira spinning every player that comes in contact with him and we officially overhype him and become Lucas Sebastián Torreira Di Pascua de Club de Futbol

Can’t wait.


Fucking eastern farmers :bellend:


Play our first 11, no game at the weekend so no excuses. Try to finish the tie in the first leg if we can, if not get a win and not concede a goal (better said then done with our dodgy defense). Won’t be as easy as some think it will, but we should be winning this. I still Top 4 is a longer shot for us, I think if we can avoid the bigger names in the EL and hope the better teams knock each other out. We could have a great chance of winning this.

I’m going 3-1 win.


6-0 Arsenal

Its happening!


Its Bate not chelsea :henry2:


Arsenal: Hold my beer!


I’m going to be really annoyed with Emery if he doesn’t take our strongest squad out there and try to build up a solid advantage to bring home. We have no other matches to worry about atm.


We better win this cup. I fucking miss the CL man :sob::sob::sob:


I hope we win the cup for the glory. Tbh though we are not ready as a team or club for the CL. We have been simply pitiful in that competition for to many years.


Yeah want to win it for that more tbh. CL just the added bonus


Had to happen one day :wink:



One notable exception who can feel hard done to again. . .Jenkinson.


Glad we’re going all out for this first tie, need to put this to bed early on.


So no Ozil for tactical reasons lol & Ramsey due to injury I’m assuming ?


Definitely need to play our strongest team from now on in and also hope we avoid Napoli for as long as we can. We can take them in a 1 off game but not over two legs imo. Chelsea are beatable, and a few other tricky teams left but they are beatable.

If we don’t get any more serious injuries then we are in for a chance. Still think our run in the PL is a lot easier then Chelsea’s and Utd’s so we should be given both a go and give it our best shot.

Honestly I don’t think we get either top 4 or EL. We’re too hot and cold. But I hope I’m wrong


Yeah I agree our run in the league is more favourable than United & Chelsea.

I just don’t think we’ll get enough out of fixtures like Wolves, Watford, Everton & Leicester away, if we manage say 7/12 in those fixtures then we might exceed my prediction of 6th.

As for the Europa League I think we’re probably 3rd favourite behind Napoli and Chelsea. But a few of the sides left in it would fancy themselves against us thinking they could put a few past us in the home leg.


Out of the top 6 sides we’re not the most reliable when it comes even to away games at teams outside the top 6. Everton and Leicester we should beat, both teams haven’t been that great this season. Wolves and Watford games worry me, as they up their performances agaisnt top 6 sides at home especially Wolves. We could easily get 9 out of 12 but we could easily get none out of those games as well.

We’re slightly in a better position then Chelsea imo, Napoli are a tough side. They are beatable but they got some top class talent and good manager. But they aren’t a A. Madrid from last year. I’d put us equal second with Chelsea. I think we can do it but our defense is worrying.


Enough to beat some eastern farmers.