Banter Era best XI


Well 5-5 is a better ration than 5-0 too.


Well an 8 2 and a 5 1 the Lord Weng has them all. 8 goals belong in the Pathe newsreels really.


Almunia was far worse then Woj, Woj was a talent but he had to leave Arsenal to find it while Almunia was just bang average

Kaelstrom with the broken back was something. He won a damn FA Cup medal and scored in the peno shoot out in semi’s lol. Santos, the two things i remember about him is scoring a goal in the mauling of Chelsea and swapping shirts with a UTD player at half time when UTD were beaten us, that was the final straw for some fan’s with him.

Jenko alway’s gets the pass from some fans cause he’s Arsenal through and through, but the lad is a championship player at best. Sanogo, he was seen as France’s brand new hope but injuries and lad just not having the fire to get better ruined him. Gervinho and Chamakh, were players for me who had one off seasons in France were everything went right for them. Gervinho and Arsenal just wasn’t the right fit, he’s done ok in Italy. Poor Chamakh started well but once RVP came back from injury, Wenger push him aside and the lad’s confidence was shot.

I thought Gibbs was a nothing player, some might disagree with that. Johan Djourou was another banter player. Emmanuel Eboué, another one who got by cause the fan’s took a liking to him cause he seemed like a nice guy. But a total banter player. Emmanuel Frimpong is another banter player.


Farewell banter era legend.


I am not sure… just asking…

Was he really that bad, or he just never made it at Arsenal?

Banter is like, Mustafi. Played a number of games, and mostly were shit. Cost us games, cost us points.
I did not remember if Frimpong did had the Mustafi performance for us.


He has 6 appearances for Arsenal…

… which is 6 too many.


Didn’t he get sent off vs Liverpool in one of those performances?


Only the league. Total of 16 games, including 5 in the Champions League. :laughing:

Olympiakos x2
Udinese qualifier x2.

Yup. We lost 0-2 at home to them.


Frimping was quality and was ripping it with Wolves.

Cruciate ligament injuries have spoiled plenty of careers.