Banter Era best XI


I’d have a go at this, but I’m never sure when this ‘Banter era’ began

Can we go back to 10/11 season, or is it just the last 3 or 4 years of Big Weng


I’d say the banter era started in 2006 haha


The criteria remain somewhat unclear :sunglasses:

I’d say people like Jenkinson, Frimpong, Kallstrom and Mustafi could all be in there for different reasons.

I maintain that Mustafi is one of the worst defensive signings we’ve made in a generation, given his cost and the misery inflicted upon us in his 100 odd appearances

Crap players like Sanogo and Park Chu Young get a bit of a break from me because they hardly turned out for us.



Jenkinson, Sylvestre, Squillaci, Traore

Eboue, Denilson, Flamini (second stint), Santos

Bendtner, Sanogo


I’m classifying degrees of banter as how many times I laughed at said player:

 Gabriel Squillaci Mustafi Santos
 Eboue Frimpong Denilson Gervinho
        Sanogo Bendtner


I can remember Gabriel getting the build up that the Greek is getting now. Thats not were the similarities are going to end either imo.


8-2, genuinely one of the worst performances from a footballer I’ve ever seen.


And a manager. (wooden spoon emoji)



 Djourou Silvestre Gallas Clichy
 Theo Diaby Denilson Gervinho
         Bendtner Welbeck


He wont top an 8 2 mate.



If he was here 20+ years he probably would. Whatever can happen will happen.


Looking at the banter XI it just goes to show how clueless Wenger was !
Georgie Graham built THE Arsenal foundations that the Emirates is built on !


There’s a house up the road from me. Layed the foundations for an extension 3 years ago. Done nothing since. Foundations are vital but in and of themselves they aren’t worth a thing.


There’s a mansion down the road from us ,
It’s foundations are solid , disciplined and carry the weight of the mansion .
Without that foundation , foreman Adams wouldn’t have grown , THE same Adams who finished off Everton at Highbury.
:wink: :wink:


Tbh I could find a sub spot in most of them selections for Jimmy Carter.


I’m sure in Graham’s 9 years you could also find 11 players that were shit.


Jimmy ‘the jinx’ carter . There’s a name that conjures up nightmares!


5-1 is a worse ratio than 8-2 tbf