Banter Era best XI

I’m totally stealing this idea from @Castiel because his little comment got me thinking and reminiscing about all of the god awful and truly strange circumstances to befall our club since the ‘banter era’ began and is still in full flow.


GK - I chose Woj, he’s not any worse than any other keeper we’ve had in 15 years but he was there through the most shit.

Defense - Jenkinson isn’t terrible but just hilarious he’s been at the club for so long living his dream. Mustafi was in with a shout because the fee we paid but I think the other two Included were much worse players. And of course the infamous Santos.

Midfield - Chambo only because he would do some of the dumbest shit on the wing lulul, but he’s better in the middle of the park always was. Denilson is what he is. Kaelstrom wasn’t horrible but just hilarious that he was brought in to help our injury crisis and had a broken back was it?? :joy::joy::joy: Gervinho against Bradford, nuff said.

Forwards - Again Chamakh not terrible but he was our RVP replacement wasn’t he?? And Sanogo typifies the banter era, especially coming through against Dortmund in the CL and scoring the winner if Iirc.

So what’s ur xi look like?

         Jenkinson Squillaci Miquel Djourou Traore
            Park Chu Young Chamakh Santos
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I’ll do my best 11 when the banter era comes to its conclusion thank you very much.


                             Wilshere/ Nasri / Walcott

                                    Denilson / Song

           Andre Santos / Laurent Koscielny (captain) / Djourou / Lichsteiner

                                      Vito Mannone

   Bench: Almunia / Xhaka / Mustafi / Arshavin / Yaya Sanogo / Henri Lansbury


How can Kos make a banter era best XI?

That’s just plain disrespectful :laca:


He’s banter but I’d rather have Kos start and pair him with Djourou (mostly for the infamous Wenger quote about not wanting to kill Djourou).

He does make a lot of mistakes. He’ll turn in some 10/10 performances and then some incredibly bonehead plays…like heading the ball off his own face into our goal. Plus he’s already our club captain.

Kosh had the Birmingham mistake too. Still tho he was one of the best defenders we’ve had and a good servant for a long time.

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Armand Traore was not only utterly shit, he went to White Hart Lane with knuckledusters one time.

My banter Captain.



Santos Squillaci Mustafi Lich

Bishoff Kallstrom © Denilson

Park Chamakh Sanogo

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Really like the team, probably got to give an mention to Silvestre though, extremely stiff to miss.

Although Santos calling all of his teammates “gays” was top banter.

Traore left back, Santos on the left wing. You’ve got to get both in and a la Wenger and Eboue, I’ve found the solution.


I wasnt round here at the time when we bought Chamakh. How exciting at the time was that for you @SRCJJ.


Bendtner was bigger banter than Chamakh.

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Nah mate Bendtner scored a hattrick in a CL round of 16 2nd leg whilst I was 5 rows back in the clock end vs Porto, all hail the Lord.

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I was a big fan of Chamakh naturally haha. I think he actually started off really well but once RVP got into the team he basically barely ever played again and then just became a bit of a laughing stock lol.

But he was much better than people gave him credit for and he was a free transfer in fairness.

Still maintain to this day he was better than Bendtner @Cristo @LordBendtner :man_shrugging:t2:


I think Chamakh did have about 7 league goals by November in his first season with us from memory, I remember him giving us a 2-0 lead in a NLD I’d rather forget.

And hardly played after that.
After Persie returned, below are Chamakh’s appearance stats

10-11 : 1 start, 9 substitute appearance in PL, 330mins. played all FA cups though
11-12 : 21 (786 mins)
12-13 : 7 (439 mins)
13-14 : 1 (90 mins)

I still don’t understand why people bring up Chamakh. He hardly played after Persie was back from his injury.

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Far too few Frimpongs for my liking. Guy had a clothing line and was in terrible music videos despite barely any real game time, he was injury prone to fuck and he’s spent his entire career since at clubs nobody has heard of. He’s the first name on my banter teamsheet.