Axing the TV licence

I’d love if the BBC went subscription based and make it like Sky Sports that you had to subscribe if you wanted to watch it and if you didn’t you don’t need to pay the license fee

Are you in favour of subscriptioning the BBC?

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Sounds great in theory, but the reality is it would just become irrelevant and then the UK has no public broadcaster.

It’s not great right now but I don’t know what the answer is.

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The year is 2028 and Disney has acquired the BBC.


Do we need a public broadcaster?

I much prefer ITV for news. I never watch BBC at all tbh. Only thing I’d miss would be BBC radio.

Wasn’t the irony that whenever the BBC showed something about paying your TV licence or facing jail, this should be considered an advertisement and therefore we shouldn’t have to pay for our TV licence?

I feel like the BBC is largely irrelevant but still like MOTD and Andrew Marr. I think the rest I could easily leave behind and don’t feel it’s worth billions of pounds a year in license fees. Feel it’s a hugely inefficient bureaucratic beast that’s too set in its ways to reform itself. Would be quite ok with seeing it fold and saving the annual licence fee.

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Don’t know why i voted. I guess i like BBC radio which i haven’t listened to in 2 years

Remember when they axed the 606 forums?

The licence payer pays for that. The 606 forums were the best!

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Yes we certainly do. For impartial news and debate. The ITV has more of a right bias than the BBC. We also get Channel 4 news through the licence fee, which is the best investigative news service.

Now I’m sure some will point to some right leaning bias with the BBC. But that’s absolutely nothing to what they have in America. We need to do everything to fight against the alternative news culture promoted in right wing news organisations that are the playthings of billionaires.

It’s bad enough that the likes of The Mail, Express and Times control the group thinking of much of the electerate. Just imagine Murdoch acquiring the BBC and renames it Fox UK.


When you and I aren’t arguing about Fabregas, your posts are a great read.


Yes that’s great but people shouldn’t have to pay for it if they don’t want it.

We must be the only country that makes you buy a bloody license for a TV!!

Nope. Hugely common.


I’m in massive favour of the BBC, and a public broadcaster as a whole. Some of the programmes you get on the bbc you wouldn’t get anywhere else, and the idea that commercial stations are more impartial is well off the mark…

Also I haven’t looked but I bet that poll in the telegraph is bollocks


Whatever happens, Kuenssburg in the mud NEEDED.

I think the BBC is important and I quite like it. They didn’t shine themselves in glory during the election granted, but in general I think they have supplied some good content in recent years. Line of Duty, Killing Eve, Planet Earth (and anything David Attenborough does), to name but a few.

I also think some people underestimate the global reach of the BBC. They can attract people and make programmes that others simply can’t. I actually read an article not that long ago about how much money (millions and millions) and time (4 years!) the BBC invested into that Oceans documentary a while back – that programme was a game changer in terms of people’s understanding of the planet.


Thank You Kind Sir

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But if the public don’t pay for it who will? A billionaire? And then you get his self serving agenda

Also you don’t have to pay for it if you really don’t want to. I realise this makes me a hypocrite of sorts but I didn’t pay it for years. Cancel your direct debit and either don’t answer the door to inspectors or if you do, tell them you are not allowing them into your home without court a order. Recording any conversation usually intimidates them.

It’s all Wenger’s fault

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