Auston Trusty

His loan to Birmingham has been made official.

Suppose this loan keeps trusty from getting rusty due to playing no matches for us


I trust(y) that blues will look after him and give him the playing time he needs

stone cold steve auston trusty


Auston Trusty in my Powers

Scored 2 goals

still don’t auston trusty him

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i reckon he will be coming in as a bench cb and maybe holding may depart.

Don’t know that he’s a better option than Holding.

judging from yesterday i think i might take a chance

If we judged the whole team from yesterday we wouldn’t have enough players to field a starting 11… or a manager. That’s why seasons are more than one game. However, I will concede that there a disturbing trend with Holding. I just don’t think Trusty is the answer to that particular conundrum.

the guy is 24 and on loan in the championship, will never make it here and even as a backup


To be fair, I don’t think that was ever the intention.

It was in reply to Mav

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I’ve been very surprised by him, looks to be a capable championship defender and maybe good enough for a lower table PL side that doesn’t play with the ball a lot. He doesn’t look remotely comfortable enough with the ball to play for us. But I don’t think that was ever the goal. Hopefully we can sell him for a profit and fund some other priorities.

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Trusty nominated for Championship player of the month. Having a good season

Didn’t make the USA WC squad. Have they really got 3 or 4 other CB’s better than him?

Making his senior USMNT debut tonight against the mighty Grenada.

The US has terrible CBs. The door is wide open for him to become a regular, even a starter, if he can string together a few impressive performances.

Hoping we can get 10m for him. He might have been an option for us if we weren’t a Europa team.