Auston Trusty

Seems about right.

Who is this guy?

Some guy we signed from Kroenke’s MLS team in what was not at all some kind of shady money shenanigans.

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2m? How? League Two players can go for that.

I thought he was supposed to be the real deal? Shame we’re selling him for peanuts.

I strongly suspect the finances of anything to do with him are nothing we want looked at too closely.

What exactly do you think has happened here for a 2m sale fee?

I don’t know. The deal to bring him in when there was clearly no intention for him to play for us is what gives me pause.

Yea there were quotes like this when the signing was announced.

He will then be loaned out in Europe for the 2022/23 season, with Arsenal intending to use that move to help further the centre-back’s development.

An odd signing for sure but doubt there is anything funny about the financials…they are very small so what would be the point?

I don’t know, I’ve never cooked books :joy:

He’s a 10m player at least. Ridiculous.

more like £10

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Sick and tired of these fucking loans

I don’t mind this. Gets him PL exposure. Edu Hagn found some guy who broke this yesterday and £5m were mentioned.
I’ll find and share it.


5m is too low. He’s had a good season in the Championship and is joining a Premier League team.

5m is fine. Take it and move on.

I remember having a debate with @shamrockgooner about how much we’ll get for him. I think I said £5-10m but could be wrong.

Can’t have been much of a debate, I definitely rate him around those figure too.