Atlètico Madrid vs Arsenal (UEL Semi Final 2nd Leg)


Glorious failure awaits.

  • Atlètico qualify for the final
  • Arsenal qualify for the final
  • Arsenal shithouse their way to the final

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Give everything you can, then let’s see. C’mon Arsenal!




Want to believe elec but can’t see us doing it :cry:


:mkhi: to score and qualify us :kos2:


please for the love of god be fit for this match


Good lord


Just force him. No World Cup, season’s over after this game.


Any volunteers to kidnap Mustafi? :grimacing: Our chances would improve drastically


Play him through pain. He is the key to go through.


We’re going through. I can feel it.


Oh boy oh boy oh boy


I have belief. Get over it. :slight_smile:


That’s me getting excited! I’m starting to believe too for some reason


Sorry. My bad. Just assumed I’d be basically alone on this one. :slight_smile:




Nah. It’s not. I just have a feeling. I’m not saying we will win because of this or that. I just have a feeling we will.


That’s the spirit! C’mon my irish buddy!


Atletico Madrid 3-1 Arsenal.