Aston Villa

Cedric and Ainsley Niles though, that’s funny

That’s not me that voted DCL btw. Imposter.

Cedric and Ainsley are definitely clear of Cash.

Bellerin is the doubt because Cash is essentially Bellerin in his latter years.

Useless in defence, useless in attack.
Genuinely a pointless player.
I guess I’ll give Bellerin the edge because he planted some trees.

Cedric doesn’t ever play and was pointless in his Fulham loan, honestly not even sure where ainsley is even playing these days but he’s useless as well

Cash is actually decent

Ainsley’s ability to sleepwalk through a match knew no bounds. All the talent, but none of the application.

Looks to have found something at Lyon.

Oh hell naw @Midfield_Maestro we can’t have you pulling up receipts in favour of Watkins and then picking Bamford in the poll above :bergkamp2:


Wow, what do you know. I picked Watkins in that poll! Broken clock and all that.

I’m a sucker for a tall striker with a decent left foot :face_with_peeking_eye:

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