Aston Villa

I think it’s because since he’s quit playing he’s read a book.

This isn’t because of the opener, I didn’t even watch their match.
Watched plenty of other games under him though, even a couple of their preseason friendlies as well.

It’s alarming that he doesn’t seem to stick to a formation and can’t decide what his best lineup is.
One week it’s 4-3-3, the next is 4-3-1-2 the other it’s 4-2-3-1.
It’s not surprising his team has been underperforming.

Yeah and it might be ultimately right but you can’t judge last season and game one of a new season as the same thing.

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Sure, I followed their preseason though too. He’s been doing the same thing there.
He used a different team in their last friendly as well.

The wise thing is(something we’ve done as well) is to start using the main team as you get closer to the season.
Gerrard still seems to be playing around with the side trying different things.
Telling you right now, he’ll use a different team again next week, different system too. One thing remains constant though:

Gerrard is shit

Probably right up at no.1 in the sack race

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Gotta be Ralph. Villa have too many good players that will save him his job. They really got pushed to sack Dean Smith. It was like 5 straight losses after being overall awful in 2021.

Poch is actually available. I don’t rate him that highly anymore, specifically for top jobs, but I think he can get better tune out of that Villa squad.

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Depends which one of these loses their first 3 (if any)

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That’s a good point actually. Villa play Everton next week. Villa have the better team and have the home advantage but Everton played really good against Chelsea.
If by any chance Villa lose that game, they then go to play Palace away. That’s a tough fixture and I reckon they lose, and lose badly as well.

He’s been a bit pissy in his interviews. Threw Mings under the bus yesterday, I can imagine a couple of players in that team are not particularly happy with how they’re used. They may down the tools eventually.

We play them on the 31st. Would be nice to put him to the sword.

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I wonder if they’d entertain letting Luiz go if shit is blowing up behind the scenes.

He’s crap, anyway. Their fanbase would be glad to let him go.

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Hopefully. He is too pretty to live in Birmingham.

Would rather have him than Xhaka.

Tough call.

They’re both shit.

Like deciding between chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

Is that why they’re desperate to sign him on a new deal?

Haven’t trusted anything Villa have done in the transfer market, their players or their managers since about 1999.

He’s shit.

If he played for Leicester would you like him?

No, cos he’s shit.

Would you like him.if he played for Celtic?

I’d like him who ever he plays for

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you must be watching him with beer goggles then

He’s a very good player mate.