Aston Villa Vs Arsenal (Premier League) 2-4


Saturday 18 February 2023
Villa Park
Live on BT Sport

Saka scoring the goal for a 0-1 win at Villa Park last season

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Villa win

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I’ll say drab 1-1 draw in a game of few clear cut chances.

I don’t do threats often, but Emery has ruined my life once. If he does it again…. Well… he owes me.

Title will die at Villa Park.

No hope, no optimism. I’m finished. Kill me somebody please


Not confident of a win at all. Bad Ebening.

any hope left for us rides on this game, win this and get the run going again

you just know martinez will have the game of his life…we probably wont leave there with anything more than a draw i doubt we even get that. Gone back to having no confidence in these tosspots.

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No win in 4 league games will be our worst run since 2020.

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Result only game. Doesn’t matter about the performance.
Just get it over the line. 2 1 win. Let’s get something going on set pieces and corners going again.
Give ourselves every opportunity. Eddie with a goalmouth scramble winner.


If we lose to emery we don’t deserve top 4


We’ll come top 4, we only need about another 7 wins to get mid 70s points.

Not even we will crumble that bad.

If we don’t win my last remaining morsel of hope that we’ll win the league will be gone. Know there’s a lot of football still to be played but think we’ll just fall away and end up getting 3rd or 4th instead

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This has draw written all over it. Arteta would have likely wanted to rotate anyway but after the shit sandwich the guys served up in the second half he’s got two bad options. Rotate and we end up with a Jorginho-Vieira-Xhaka midfield, possibly a disjointed attack and maybe even Bob Holding in defense. Not ideal coming off a poor performance against City. Don’t rotate and you’re running out some guys who probably should get a rest.

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I was really hoping the city game could jolt us back into the some form but if anything the second half underligned how average we are at the moment.

Just need a win no matter what.

Even though I think we played better in the first half it still feels like we’ve spent the last three games creating more or less nothing.

Don Unai will be getting the low block ready for Saturday and you know Emi will dial it up and turn into a Buffon-Yashin hybrid.

This is the biggest issue. We barely created a single good chance against Everton, against Brentford despite playing just outside their box for most the game 1 clear chance. And again against city we didn’t have a shot in the second half until the 83rd minute.

On the flip side we’re giving up multiple massive opportunities.

After the first half of the season there was maybe a couple games where we weren’t just outright the better team and out creating the opposition in every game. It’s gone full 180.

Yep our XGA is over 2 for the last 3 games :pensive:

Fucking Nketiah

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Place the blame where it belongs my friend.

Win or go home. Doesn’t matter how talented this team is, or how much potential they have, if we don’t win this one, there will be serious question marks on whether this group of players have what it takes.

Villa are coming into this one with back to back defeats, including against fucking Leicester at home. There is no reason for us to not be able to do what Leicester did to them. Yes, they’ll deploy the low block and frankly, Mikel should have a solution for that by now.

Anything less than a win and all that good feel about the club and team we have had this season will vanish into thin air. I am not going to be happy with top 4 after what we did in the first half of this season. There is something special in this group and now is the time to prove it. Get a win and get back on track.

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