Aston Villa Vs Arsenal (PL)

Premier League Match 23
Saturday 06 February 2021
Villa Park
KO: 12:30 :clock1230:

  • Aston Villa win
  • Arsenal win
  • Draw

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Absolute must win match.

Why? League is done. Lets focus on dat Euro league.

Is Mat Ryan gonna be fit ? I can’t deal with this other prick being between the sticks.


Should of been coming into this following a routine dominant win against wolves.

Villa absolutely battered us in the reverse fixture can’t say I have high expectations.

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Fuck it. A win for The Arsenal.


Don’t think I’d have necessarily voted for a loss so quickly if it weren’t for Leno getting himself suspended.

Hopefully our secondary Aussiegooner will be fit for this one, cos things could get messy if its Icespina in goal.

Not that I’d have been incredibly optimistic even if we did have Leno playing considering the way Villa shat on us at our own ground earlier this season.

Hopefully Emi doesn’t get to add to his collection of clean sheets.

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Watching Runnarson in goal feels like a tail ender trying to bat out a whole session against an Aussie attack.

Looks all over the shop. You cheer if he gets anything on the ball at all but you know something horrific will happen at any moment.



If he plays then Aston Villa will be putting him under pressure straight away.
We got 20m for a Martinez and replaced him with a complete novice.
This is what happens when you pay peanuts and take a punt rather than getting a proper player to do a proper job.

Are we so poor that we can’t adequately replace a second choice GK like every other decent club manages to do?

Or maybe the reason we chose a complete novice to cover for Leno is that we have a complete novice making these decisions.

I know we’ve got Ryan in since we bought Runnarsen but yet again, our cheapness and lack of urgency has ended up costing us more because we’ve had to buy a replacement for the replacement.

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Because if he wasn’t in goal, they wouldn’t bother shooting?

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Good news here is Luiz not playing, hoping Matt Ryan is fit for this one, I’d rather have that U21 goalkeeper who’s been here since god knows when, than Runarsson, the guy has to change profession.

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I just wanna know how the fuck Ryan got injured never playing

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Injured his hip in training. How brutal are our training sessions?!


Maybe he could try acupuncture?

Hip n pin

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They maybe encouraged more to take a low percentage long shots

Any opposition manager who knows what he’s doing, and who has watched his performances for us, will tell his players to put him under pressure straight away from corners or by taking long range shots which he is bound to spill, and then follow up.

We have some poor GK’s before but Runnarsen is in a class of his own.
The only thing he’s got going for him is that there’s no crowd pressure but maybe he thrives on pressure and the lack of supporters is affecting his game and really he is a great GK. :grinning:

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Stop bullying him. He got a clean sheet yesterday, and that was with looking like he didn’t have a clue what was going on :laughing:

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Maybe that’s the secret to his clean sheet.
He just blanked out what was going on and imagined he was somewhere else. :grinning:

Fuck, another 4:30 AM kickoff… need to make sure the coffee IV is ready to go.