Aston Villa v Arsenal (PL)

Aston Villa - Arsenal

Villa Park
Premier League
Saturday 2022-03-19T12:30:00Z
Live on BT

Huge game. Have to win after our loss against Pool. Maybe we’ll see some changes to the starting XI this time. Pepe? ESR?


  • Aston Villa win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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I think anything could happen tbh.

Gonna try and be positive and say that we aren’t as mentally weak anymore and bounce back with a 1-2 win.

Villa are dangerous though and at home it wouldn’t surprise me if we get beat.

Tough tough game. Would be a massive boost for us to get back on track immediately here before the international break.


Battle of the shithouse goalkeepers.

Think we have this though. Looking at their team, there isn’t really anyone we should be especially scared of. Though obviously as a collective they’ve played well.

But as long as we pick ourselves up from last night, this should be a win for us.

Will be tough but I think we win. Looking forward to another big game!

I’d be elated if we get a win there, my expectation is a draw. A win would definitely send a strong message though, let’s hope we have it in us.


6-0 to Arsenal @shamrockgooner

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Going for a win. Positive vibes generally with this team and they won’t be too dampened after last night.

Really feel Saka could do with a small break and being on the bench for this one would do him no harm.

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Time for :pepe1:

Are Villa better than Leicester at the moment?

worried we are primed for a tiny wobble away… have draw, but this is a key match… hoping very much we can get an early goal and stifle them… i feel it won’t be easy.

It’s a difficult game that we need to win but it will probably be a draw.
We’ve got some tricky games coming up so I hope losing to Liverpool hasn’t knocked our confidence and we see how mentally strong these players are.

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My heart says a win but my head says a draw.

They have been playing really well ever since they figured out how to Coutinho into the side. A bit like West Ham, they have the quality in a couple positions to punish you and then the rest of the team is going to fight you for every ball and ensure you don’t come out of the match without a few bruises. That’s a tough kind of team to face on short rest when they’re at home and have had a week to prepare.

Decent side, won’t be a walk in the park, going for a draw here.

We’ve got enough to beat Villa.

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Form table says yes. But Leicester have had the Conference League to contend with too.

I’d say they’re similar sort of level, but Leicester have more injuries and more fatigue due to extra games.


I love how I look forward to every game now.

For big periods last season and the seasons before its been a drag.

Can’t wait for this on Saturday lunch time. Starting the weekend off brilliantly.

Come on you gunners!! :red_circle:


Where’s Andy Gray’s commentary?

“Tik-a-boo, son. Tik-a-boo”

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