Aston Villa v Arsenal (PL)

Same it feels like every game is a new challenge and I want to see how the boys equip themselves.


Going to this one :wink:


Take some pics mate, would be nice to see the view from the away end at Villa Park


I shall. I’ll try and upload them during the game, although signal is pretty woeful inside the stadium


5:30 AM for fuck’s sake. We better win.


Bux party begins today at 1300 and kick off is 2330, see how I go.

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We need Tony Woodencock to come out of retirement and score 6 for us again.

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Shiiiiiiiiit on the Villa

I know Villa are a solid team but we have the quality to win this game.

3 points are a must. Need to right the ship immediately and sends a message to our top 4 rivals who all play after us.


Gonna miss the match live but have it set to record. Again, feel strangely optimistic about that this.

One of the benefits of a young team is that they may be able to brush off a defeat quickly.

Going into these three matches I felt that Leicester and Villa were more important than Liverpool. All the points count the same. If we finish this run with 6/9 and go into the break we’re in really good shape.

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East coast master race.


We could be fucked if we let villa press onto us, if the crowd get up and we defend our final third, Watkins, ings, coutinho, mcginn all capable of causing issues.

We need to take it to villa and impose ourselves. Don’t let them get in the game and make them know they’re playing a team that’s better than them.



Coutinho, Ings, McGinn. I think we’ll struggle.

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Not going to be an easy game. Villa are no push overs (unlike us).

Ramsdale on the bus but lots of rumours flying around in Twitter that he won’t start. Just don’t see it. I think it’ll be the same XI. Although Saka does look knackered. Think Arteta needs to start bringing ESR on around the 60 minute mark for Saka, if possible. Want Martinelli to start. He’s been a beast lately. If only we a proper CF to finish off his chances.

Tbf we haven’t been push overs for a large portion of this season now. Our 2 losses in this calendar year have been against City and Liverpool only if I’m not mistaken.

I’m going to miss this whole fucking game, the Flash Score updates on my phone will be giving me hypertension as I’m browsing mosaic floor tiles in some random fucking warehouse (I fucking hate re-doing bathrooms).

This is going to be difficult, especially after Liverpool had ended the good run we were on.
When Wenger was here and we lost after being on a long undefeated run, we would often lose or not win for several games after so I hope Arteta will get us back on track.

But I can’t see that happening and think this will be a score draw.
I’m going 1-1 with Martinelli to score.

Why Leno :partey:


Huh?? Why Leno?