Aston Villa v Arsenal (PL)

Aston Villa v Arsenal

Tuesday Jul 21 - 20:15
Villa Park

Quite a different opposition and occasion for our next game. Villa definitely need a win here to stay in the Premier League. We need a win to keep track on EL qualification positions.


  • Aston Villa win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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16-0 The Arsenal.


I’ve been right in my predictions from Wolves onwards.

This one, weirdly, is a very tough one to call.

They’re due a win against us at Villa Park. They need a win.

However, they don’t really have an abundance of talent.

I can just as easily see it being a 0-3 away win ad I can a 1-0 home win (bad results like Spurs were only a week ago)

I’ll sit on the fence and call it a draw (but who knows)

We’ll win easy. Shame really, as I’d like Villa to stay up. But they stand no chance against Arteta’s army.

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Need Arteta to tap up Grealish after full time

This is going to be hard in a very different way to the City game. Villa need to win to have any chance of staying up at all.

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Haven’t we already qualified to EL through the FA Cup semis? All other 3 teams in the semis were already in the UCL, so the EL cup was already ours if i’m not mistaken.

LE: Just realized that the City ban has been overturned and that means United isn’t in the UCL. So the FA Cup spot isn’t ours by default.


And anyway, you only qualify for the Europa League through the FA Cup if you win the FA Cup. If we don’t win it, then that place goes to the team who finish 7th in the league.

Can we get this pinned somewhere?! :laughing:


Haha why is it so hard for some people. :grin:


I’m literally putting this as a reminder in my phones calendar, date 19 juli 2021. See you in 12 months :grin:

Three points. Thank you and good night Villa. Is that prick John Terry still associated with them?

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Yes, still there.

Going to say 1-1 draw, Villa will be desperate and we’ve just used a lot of energy in the last few days defending vs Pool and City.

Mustafi out, we’ll probably see Holding start.

Nketiah is available again after suspension.

Wonder if we’ll see more rotation for this one.

2-4 Lacazette all 4 :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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I hope so, will get him back on the radar of buying clubs and bump his transfer fee a bit :+1:

Totally different game this if it had a crowd. without it dont see anything but an Arsenal win. 3 0 win.

Tbh if it gets Watford relegated I wouldn’t begrudge Villa a win as our league season is done.

Made all the more impressive by doing it off the bench
(Can’t see him starting this one with Nketiah fit)