Arsène Wenger

I don’t think any of that is a problem at all though.

Go onside. Be onside when the ball is played. If players knew they had to they would to a much larger extent for fear of ruining a goal for their team. The problem is solved at an earlier stage.

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Inhibits creativity.

I don’t think you have thought this through.

Players make a lot of runs in anticipation of the pass which doesn’t always come. You will end up in shit ton of instances where a player would be removed from the equation in a single match.

What if the player became offside but before he could get back, the defenders move up, would it be fair to consider him onside in this case when he made no effort to become onside.

Not worth it.

Oh I have :slight_smile:

The actual player who receives the ball has to be onside, he is up for a worse task than any of his team mates who are hoovering without having to time a ball yet this is how most goals are scored. They also make runs in anticipation when the pass never comes, this is common.

If you’re the inactive team mate on the far other side of the pitch just be onside when the pass is made to the other player the pass is meant for, then go nuts it’s like you’re the guy the pass was made to except it’s easier because you have no pass to time. I mean these goals happen all the time, I don’t think it is an issue.

The odd goal teams score by “tricking” the trap is not worth it for the ambiguity imo. I see your point though, you like the creativity it offers, you think the trade is fine, I don’t :smiley: I think it made more sense a long time ago, nowadays it’s a relic getting exploited. probably. lol

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That’s how it is now

I mean uh, if you’re Messi in that clip :sweat_smile: like, you’re another player on the right side of the pitch when the ball goes to a player on the left side for example. Let me reword that.

Again this will discourage off the ball movement which players make to create space for their teammates.

They will all be concerned about who the pass meant for and being onside.
Footba is boring these days any which ways.

If they don’t know if the pass is for them they need to be onside anyway, don’t they? I believe this is the exact reason they stay onside most of the time :sweat_smile: to be playable.

If you want to set something up to “trick” the trap, again that is a modern exploit of a rule meant for another problem imo, and the cost is dubious judgement calls here and there.

btw I agree it is sometimes boring though, but there are other fixes for that imo :slight_smile:

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