Arsène Wenger

A humiliating defeat in a cup final edges that season past Wenger’s last in terms of shitness :weary:

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Nah, Wenger did that himself with the League Cup final defeat v Man City.

I’d also say a bright spark in Emery’s only full season with us was the 8 game winning streak which had us thinking “What if…?” That surpasses Wenger’s worst season.

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So easy to forget a league cup final defeat :joy: You’re right, that was pretty bad as well but at least it was City. We went into that euro final against Chelsea with expectations and put in one of the most flat performances we could possibly put in. Such a deflating night.


Nah that was a false dawn.
We were very lucky in that run and nothing more embarassing for a supposedly big club than a bottom table club registering 10-15 shots on goal.

Football was turd, results were turd, everything was turd in Emery’s tenure.

Bottom line is he stayed way too long and we just continued to decline in terms of challenging for the title and non entities in Europe.
Could and should have all been avoided. Nobody coming out with much credit here over a decade. Just a badly run football club.


Ah back before motd hated us.


Winning the last 12 and 15 of our last 16, drawing one game against West Ham


I can remember that run being incredibly good. I can only liken it to Liverpool’s run under Rodgers at the end of 2013/14.

Pure confidence conveyed on the pitch through a group of lads who want to play for each other.

(I’m sure Man City have done it under Pep, too, but meh)

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Out of his 3 titles this always seems to be the one least talked about.
It was the run in that won it but within this were some of Wenger’s teams finest performances. I still maintain the performance at Blackburn was the most complete and dynamic ive ever seen Arsenal play in a big game that mattered. The win at United was Graham guts crossed with Wenger flair.
The Adams goal against Everton probably the fusing of a Graham player and revamped as a Wenger one on a very memorable day. Yeah he inherited a good strong English core but he totally rejuvenated them and was rewarded. Also my main memory on Wenger here more than anyother time good and bad was his sheer determination to win.
He wanted more style with other teams and delivered that but the first was a mix of skill and desire and it was brilliant too see.


I’ve never thought it was that “flat” a performance.

I think people struggle to admit we were thoroughly outclassed by some brilliant Chelsea play that night. They were the one team that was tailor-made to play against the 3-5-2 that got Emery to the final. In hindsight we would have been better off in a more open 4-3-3 system just for that game. Although there was also a strong element of collapsing after going a goal down.

We were arguably on top for the first half an hour in that game. People have spun it to say it was an onslaught for 90 mins but we did get good chances that second half to narrow their lead.


Wenger won 7 FA cups whilst Pep has only won 1.

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FA Cups are better than a CL right now. 2 legs increases ur margin of error when ur a club who’s got unlimited resources. Plus I think these days u can argue that most clubs in the PL and even the championship are stronger than about 90% of clubs in other European leagues. So a one off elimination against most of the richer clubs in Europe is a lot harder than facing off against maybe 2 or 3 teams who can match ur spending power.

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Look what they have done, Arsene


Club was going towards that direction anyway.
Fucking fuck.


Keep saying that to yourself

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We’ve ruined everything he built.


Arsenal fans - “we will not do what United did by hiring Moyes & Van Gaal”

Arsenal does exactly that with same sort of managers


Can’t believe people still think this lol

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