Arsène Wenger

You’re not sure what happened, but you are sure at least the shit players (your Xhaka’s and Mustafi’s) can’t be credited to Wenger? That was all StatDNA. I think that is the right way of portraying it, no?

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Real talk, Wenger wasn’t perfect at recruitment. He bought a lot of busts. What I want you to admit now is that there’s a huge difference in buying busts like Ryo Miyachi or Chu Young Park for peanuts, and then spending 50m on Laca 35m on Xhaka, and 35m on busts like Mustafi. That wasn’t happening until StatDNA was for sure a thing. Xhaka might be pinned on Wenger btw but Mustafi shouldn’t be because it’s been proven that was all Gazidis.

How about Welbeck

Leave Welé out of this!

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Wenger didn’t sign Welbeck.

Hasn’t he gone on record to say he’d only have signed him on loan, if at all?

Before Arsenal signed with Puma they didn’t make those big transfers at all. Until Ozil in 2013, Arshavin was the highest transfer they did, ever. Arsenal has been shit at buying since summer 2009 - 2011, it all started around that period in my opinion; the shitness on the market. After signing with Puma they had more money available, but that didn’t change their shitness on the market. How do you link that with StatsDNA?

Oh. Did Weng end up a yes man too.

By that point, most probably.

I thought it was strange that he was out visiting the Pope and we were signing players. Almost felt like a changing of the guard

Don’t tell me the Vatican wanted him as well as Real Madrid.

The Welbz thing not unless it’s a new comment. He did sound like he wanted a loan at time though.

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I’m not sure.

The way some people talk, you would think Wenger was the only employee at Arsenal.

Especially Wenger at times yeah.

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Just buy the book mate.

Literally no one cares

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Arsene you cheeky little rascal :wenger2:

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So obvious that we bought them because of markets and shirts/merchandize selling.
By no means we were serious on them.

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Yeah that’s fair.