Arsène Wenger


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What points tally’s did Blackburn and Leicester win the league with out of curiosity ?


89, and their net spend is £1m in the PL era, imagine what those real football geniuses over there could do with the £500m plus lolpool have spent in that time.


lol, 42 game season was it regarding Blackburn ?


Lolpool twatted Wenger last season. Wenger got twatted a fair amount last seasons. All the big clubs happy to face us and give us a spanking.

Klopp > Wenger (of last 6 years)

Klopp has done an amazing job with Dortmund beating Bayern back to back to the title. And now he is going to do the same at Liverpool beating Pep’s City.

Get over your ridiculous hatred for a manager who has done pretty well.

All these Liverpool players would be poo managed under Mourinho. But Klopp made it a team and instructs them to play football the way they are playing it now.


Lelelelelel :joy::joy: that’s like Lewis Hamilton gloating about beating a Sauber bruh. Yeh no shit when u spend that much money ur gonna have a superior car/team.


We could have spent that much on quality but your pal Wenger settled for Saubers while Klopp got Mercedeses.

Klopp > Wenger (of last six years)


At least they flung something at the wall.
All we do is moan that we can’t afford to throw anything at a wall because it doesn’t meet with our valuation.

It’s true that Liverpool have bought some poor players but the difference between them and us, is that they usually get rid of them and get someone to replace them.
When Wenger makes a poor signing, he persists with them to the detriment of the club.

Imagine what Wenger could do if he spent 100m on sorting our chaotic defence.
Oh wait, he did, he bought Xhaka, Mustafi and Cech and dragged us down even further.

Liverpool have done brilliantly in the transfer market.
They sell high, sometimes buy low but when they spend big they go for the best possible.

Wenger, on the other hand bought small, gave average players massive wages, ran down players contracts so we lose them for nothing and when we needed world class recruitments he just bought mediocre players.

There is nothing Liverpool have done that we couldn’t have.
The difference is that we are run like a country club that takes the money from the punters and just drift along, and every now and then gives it a lick of paint when it’s looking a bit worn out, and pretends that everything is fine.

We have the resources, we just don’t have the ambition to go with it.


Pretty sure Mustafi, cech and xhaka all were bought in three different seasons?


Cech was the season before but they still cost the same.


Cech one summer, then Mustafi & Xhaka the summer after. In the 2016 summer we spent 90 million quid for a return of Xhaka, Mustafi & Perez :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


IIRC the media were slobbering over Wenger splashing the cash (ugh, that phrase needs to be retired from the sport). In hindsight it was probably more of a desperation approach to recruitment than a well thought out plan. The whole Vardy debacle leading to us signing Perez just makes the summer even weirder.


Surprisingly with all those mediocre players he kept us in contention until recent years. The players were frail but we did have a chance in 2007/8. The number of horror challenges and rough man tactics. I don’t entirely blame them.

People bang on about net spend. Just look at the historical spending by clubs alone we got blown out by other clubs. Liverpool spend so much money that it is enough to feed their impoverished city and give them a damn education for a change. I think looking at figures even Tottenham spent more than us.

Arsenal was built to make money since we moved to Emirates. Blame the club for lacking ambition.


Which is extremely disappointing given the spiel that was used to sell the move away from Highbury at the height of our success.

The only thing I feel that’s going to save us is for us tk turn into an oil club and given how stubborn Kroenke is I’m not so sure that would ever happen, given that the only interest we’ve ever been shown in such a move would have been that Dangote guy from Nigeria.


By Dein and Fiszman. Do you think they didn’t mean it? They absolutely did. We are under different ownership now and it sucks but it doesn’t make that a lie.


I am sure they meant it but couldn’t predict the irrational inflation of the market created by clubs which were not in existence at the time.

We now have keepers being bought for 70-80m which was unheard of 2-3 years ago.


We need him back. It sounds the mood of the forum today.


Assisting suicide is against the law here mate thanks.


Well even Wenger would beat West Ham, even at his shittest point.


I was trolling you, as lot of you aren’t Arsenal fans.