Arsène Wenger


I expected a rough season, but truth be told I expected a couple more than 3 clean sheets in 20 games.


Once again for the record, I still think AW could do the business with a top side. If you want more with less then yeah Wenger probably isn’t your man. His system requires actual intelligent players, and those are in short supply unless you’ve got unlimited funds at your disposal. With a team full of guys with shit for brains, yes they have to be told what to do, when to breathe, and be yelled at from the touchline incessantly.


He can still do that but he needs creative players.
In plastic 4 seasons, I don’t know why he didn’t sign creative technical players.

Only Cazorla was of that mould and he was injured


Cuz they cost ALOT of money nowadays. Coutinho is nowhere near being worth 150m I mean that’s just incredibly stupid.


Coutinho was one of the biggest overpays going around, Liverpool are just geniuses in the transfer market.


Yeah that Danny Ings move had genius written all over it :joy::joy:


I wouldn’t be laughing at a club with a net spend of less than us in the last 5 years sitting at 17-3-0, whilst we’re languishing on Spursday night football.


Maybe if Ings played us every second week he’d be worth every cent and some of the coin they paid also.


Lulululul they haven’t won the league since u were born Aussie. If they don’t choke it away like Klopp usually does, I’d probably classify it with Leicester, pretty inexplicable.

Anyways their net spend is like what 10m less than ours? I don’t recall selling anyone for 150m so that explains that. When we spend 75m on a defender we can talk. Oh btw in the last 20 years they’ve doubled our net spend so ur little stat u keep clinging to is bull shit of the highest order homeboy 🖒🖒 :grin: :grin:


Actually they scrape in for a title in my lifetime pal, time flies and I’m somewhat of a fossil now lol.

Yeah they can spend 75 million on defenders and 60 million on keepers and still have a limited net spend due to how good they’re at selling players for optimum values.


And there is a history of this at the club? Lelelel nah uhhh :joy::joy: More like they flung shit against the wall until something stuck.


Recruiting a Gomez and Robertson and turning them into top players saves you a few quid though. A CL run to the final pays you a fair bit. A lot more than it did in 2oo6.


Why do you talk like a 12yr old on msn?



You are not a troll you were saying?


I don’t think it’s outrageous to say that. Lolpool are poo. Blackburn, Leicester, lolpool same bracket. Leicester lucked out with Mahrez and Kante. Lolpool lucked out with Salah, otherwise they don’t know what they are doing. This is the same club that bought Andy Carroll, Markovic, and Aquillani.


Worthy champions?


5,000 to 1 shots, who will revert to form.


Liverpool were 5/1 before the season started and 2nd favourites behind Man City.


5,000 to 1