Arsène Wenger


You cunt


Reminded me of that old Playstation game, LMA Manager. Good times.


Basically he rants after the game every single time this season…
Pure whinner


I absolutely loved LMA manager 2001 on the playstation, I’d love to know how many hours I spent on that game as a 14-15 year old.


LMA Manager 2007 was way ahead of it’s time. So pissed at codemasters for discounting it


Well deserved imo. Couldn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks.


Still got mad love for Wenger - an amazing human being !?



So Wenger thinks he left the team in good shape.
Unless leaving us in the lowest league position for more than two decades constitutes “good shape,” I don’t think he knows what he is talking about.

The defensive and midfield players bought after Wenger left, like Torreira and Sokratis have been more than decent but the players Wenger bought for around 100m like Mustafi, Xhaka, Elneny, are the reason we are leaking goals in almost every game.


hehe but what else is he going to say “wow, I sure left the club in a state with a truly shocking squad, hahahaha”

I think he is encouraging the new regime and doing his typical classy thing. I still love Arsene despite the long drawn out bleed that we went through with him in the last 4-5 years or so.


Lol he’s played like 10 minutes of football why did you bring him in to the conversation and plus I can’t think of any mistake he has made playing for us. He is the ultimate safe player. Always gives a 6/10


Under Wenger he was given plenty of games before we got what we had needed for ages, a player like Torreira.

It’s true, he did always gives a solid 6/10 performance, which is about the same level most of the other players gave when Wenger was manager, that’s why we finish up sixth and Emery has had to come in and clean up the mess he left him.


Elneny was £5m. A bit harsh to include him in £100m of transfer failure :joy:






Not really though.

Reminds me the guy portraying Magneto


One don’t talk like that of the great Gandalf the Grey.


Maybe I owe you an apology Arsene, you leave and our defence has actually gotten worse, I seriously didn’t think that was possible.


Like we didn’t expect it to be a rough season? Most of us did and accepted that, as long as Arsene left and something new could be built.