Arsène Wenger




Imagine a Wenger team beating us



Makes sense… big enough club and outside of Prem after just about the right break for him. Could see it and they are in trouble, so he could have one final hurrah to bring them back to title and bow out with some glory.


Think it is a match made in heaven, as Wenga speaks a good german as well.


He does?


He was born in Strasbourg where they both speak french and german.


So they have already discarded zidane?


Wenger or Klopp?

Wenger speaks better German, that’s for sure


I really want to see Wenger having a team of superior players and how much he can accomplish.


I would find it fascinating if he was given the Bayern job, it would really come full circle since Bayern wanted him way back in his Monaco days (Hope I got that right). Some history that’ll be.


Didn’t know they wanted him back then?

Hope he gets a top job too, just to see him back in football because the man breathes it.




Can’t wait to see Wenger lift the champions league with Bayern in May :heart_eyes:


And then beat us in the Champions League next season :mustafi:.


Losing to Wenger is about the only thing that could make me Emery out right now


It has only been 12 games, but I feel like it would be a massive let down if Dortmund won’t be able to take this to the finish.



Now we all know what Mourinho will rant about after their next match.


Why? He now knows that sustained failure can get him an award, he should be excited :xhaka2: