Arsène Wenger


Bring the great man back.


Arsene, Arsene where art thou Arsene :pensive:

To be fair if I was him I’d be loving this, but then I’m a bit of a cunt and I doubt he has any bad feeling in his body for Arsenal and. Is probably just as sad as we are about all of this.


he and his fucktard possy caused this shit in the first place that fucking dumbass wage structure for shit players etc he can do one.


I mean Wenger’s one of the main reasons the club such a mess so…


So he can relegate us :bellend:


Yep, let’s bring back the man who signed Jenkinson on a high wage, Mustafi and Xhaka :bellend:


Luca’s wet dream coming true :giroud3:


Wenger’s widows at their finest :bellend:


Didn’t he comment on the Ozil wages(and I think footballer wages in general) a while ago? Despite what most believe, I doubt Arsene handled the Xhaka or Mustafi deals, especially for what we paid. Hell, I doubt he condoned spending what we spent on Laca.
Arsene can be a cheap fuck, unless it’s about his wages…