Arsène Wenger


I fancy him taking over a team in Ligue 1 and schooling his young patriots, Henry and Viera.



Old Trafford. He’ll take over from the moaning one until the summer when Zidane takes over .


Fancy it? @shamrockgooner


I’d be first in line for an Ireland sleeping bag jacket!


Lol at Wenga at Tottenumb! :arteta: If it really happened :mustafi:


Copa Mundials is it?



Will probably go to Madrid




If he goes there or Bayern @Trion will take the biggest W of his life

Fair play tbh




W = win
Like how L = loss


Ah let see


He’ll never go to the scum and I’d be quite disappointed if he ended up at united.


The are fucked…they need someone to resurrect their season and have a decent CL run. I could see him getting an 18 month contract there


That’s pretty much why they won’t sign him.


Swap Arséne and Mustafi :mustafi:


Wenger at Bayern would be interesting :thinking:

Doubt kovac is sacked though


They already sacked Ancelotti last season. Don’t really know what happened to appoint such a mediocre manager like Kovac.


Bild say Bayern will announce Wenger today.


@Trion is going to be proper on one if this happens. :joy: