Arsène Wenger


Isn’t the kid Nagelsmann taking over next summer?


Nope, Leipzig.


no he signed a precontract with Leipzig out of all clubs lol


Keep Kovac or sign Wenger on? Not sure which I feel gives BVB a better chance. :thinking:


Wenger’s first job: Send Muller to Siberia!

Wenger’s second job: Captain Gnabry


Hold the horses.

The presser is underway and seems to be about defending the players from the criticism in the media. Doesn’t look like they will be firing Kovacic just yet… Maybe after Wolfsburg beat them :smiley:


I wish but the quotes which triggered all of this is below

"It’s important that Hoeness and Rummenigge organise the transition.

"I think the power should stay within ex players. People like Philipp Lahm and Oliver Kahn, it’s important that they take over. Football lives within you. You don’t learn that at university.

“[On whether he’s interested in the job] That’s not a topic for me. Uli Hoeness and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge trusted Niko Kovac and they have to hold on to him.”

Not sure how can anyone deduce that Kovac will get sacked based on that


Definitely got a new job as a hitman


Oh my


I wish he had taken up modelling/murdering since leaving us, but the picture is fairly old.

Our boy Arsène has been moistening them panties since day.


The last one is rather poetic :joy:


Happy birthday Arsène


That jeans FFS! He is not a kid anymore :gabriel:


Maybe if he spent more time focusing on football instead of fashion he wouldn’t have tanked his own legacy.


Shut your mouth you shit spy.

I have completely forgotten the slangs of Archer. Someone remind me to modify my burn.


Happy 69th big man


Hope he gets to 69 on his 69th, I know I’d be down. Happy bday big Weng legend, my idol.


Ignore the clickbait title. He didn’t say that at all haha but he’s chatting about our season so far


I was already frothing at the mouth reading that title. :rofl:


Wait till you get to the champion form we where in and only the away form cost us.


Yep, very different line:

“I worked very hard and dedicated my life for this club to be in a good shape when I left – I think that is what I did."