Arsène Wenger




Something we can all unite behind.

But that little bitch in his place.

No matter what how much you beat him by Pep, you still spent half a billion to do it, and most importantly, YOU’RE STILL BALD.

Also Wenger would fosho KO Pep 1v1.


I’d go as far as to say a billion because there were plenty of other players on the team from prior spending sprees



Manure fans praying they bring Wenger in. :joy:


Even though that would be a really bad move for united I’d still hate time see him standing in another pl dugout.

Edit: I meant sitting of course.


It was pretty evident what he meant.


Yeah, it would be weird. Bet though that Wenger could do a great job with Pogba, Rashford and Martial.
Gonna be weird the next months. Conte and Wenger still without a job and already some jobs are shaky. I think though that Arsene wants to take a big break(till 2019 maybe?).
What’s crazy it’s that I’m sure he is taking a break from managing just to watch more football the addict.


Twiddling with his jacket rocking back and forth.


The reason we are still rather poor is Emery isn’t that good of a manager, we needed someone like Simeone if we wanted to go up a couple of levels.,


He was #1 on my wishlist for a while, but it never seemed likely for whatever reason. In the end I would have liked someone like Nagelsman given that we lost out on Pep and Klopp. I am still giving Emery a chance - he has a mountain of work in front of him and will need time.


“I was intoxicated for such a long time”

Explains a lot


Hope England hires him as manager, I’d be so happy about that. I think he’d absolutely dominate international football.


Shame the baldie and the rest of them took soong before asking him to step aside, as it was obviously for his own good as well.


FWIW, I think his word “intoxicated” was meant more in the context of being “besotted” with the club, and might have been a better word to have used.


He said many times that he feels that England should have an English coach. Plus, I remember him saying a while ago that he has considered national football coaching but he’s not sure if working with a squad and playing matches a few times per year will keep his hunger satisfied.
Personally, I hope he gives us the pleasure of having him as a reoccurring pundit on British TV till he finds a new job at club/nation.


Yeah, he’d be a great pundit. Already went in hard on Xhaka at the world cup so he made a fan out of me.


Pity he never when he was in charge then. Regardless of who bought him, he chose him.


Ser Arsene :laca: :giroud3:


Just name the country after Wenger, you cheap cunt