Arsène Wenger


Weve ended up midtable thanks to him.


You can’t fathom the incorrect sentence formation could lead to different interpretations?
Or you just don’t wanna try to fathom


Do you know what is mid-table?


I don’t mean this as an insult or a dig in the slightest, but the meaning was entirely evident to anyone who speaks English as a first language.


Before or after the globalisation of the game.


It can be perceived as ‘Thread has been muted for a while I think’

‘Thread is muted for a while I think’ is also possible.

There is really not one over the other.
Calum is just a shit at sentence formation; No auxillary verb there.



Go read a book


37 points behind equates to mid table for me.


Good thing is no one gives a shit about your calculations


The board finally did.


And bought exact sort of players you just moaned about


Calum has been missing out since he decided to mute this one.


If you wanna talk about Calum, go to the Calum thread


We should just rename this thread “Trion’s opportunity to act like a wanker”


Pointing out 6th is not mid-table is now acting like a wanker.


Tell you what you can do if you don’t like my moderating, you can fuck off and stop posting here or write a proper complaint to Bl1nk or Mysty.

You continue to call it out like this and I will be banning you. And if that’s a problem for my fellow mods and admins they can remove me from the position.

Your decision shit head.


I was pulling your leg man


Look at the loyalty Emery has brought to this club. 2 defeats and hes sticking with us. Have you seen his plans for re building the Emirates from ground up.
Also did you not see the clubs he knocked back to become Arsenal manager. About time we put the ticket prices up and backed this man.




see we can all play together