Arsène Wenger


Controversial statement Luca but I have to agree with you . This club should have won far more with all the talent Wenger had but sadly he thought trophies were won on the training pitch , well they weren’t.
Wenger made some horrific signings, some of which were only suitable for lesser teams , Palace , West Ham , Tottenham etc but Wenger thought he could coach them .
The invincibles being an example, why the fuck didn’t Wenger go out and build on that team instead of dismantling it ?
Wengers stubbornness and arrogance has sadly left a team , a structure in a mess .


It only took 2 games for @Luca_from_Italy pre season optimism to disintegrate.


When the fuck?


Let’s decide boys. What is it? So Arsenal are still shit because we are Wengerized apparently. Ok then, why didn’t Inter still dominate after Mourinho? Why didn’t Man Utd still thrive after Sir Alex left? This DNA you speak of is pretty BS. Especially so considering most players haven’t played for Arsene for that long. Double standards at absolutely full force.
Fact of the matter is, Unai has been coach since May and he still hasn’t got a clue of what he has and how to use it. Arsenal surely ain’t playing like we used to. We may have conceded but our defensive weaknesses are much different than Wenger’s team imo. Plus, for anyone who has a short memory. We bombarded Pep’s City earlier this year at the Emirates but then Sane and Silva decided to go on God Mode and finish us. Adding to that, our record against Chelsea. Since Mourinho’s late days we managed to get the better of Chelsea.
Be considerate and appreciate what you had. Unai can get his time but don’t disrespect what Arsene overachieved time after time. Our old man did it with fucking Senderos, Denilson, Chamakh and Squillaci.


Hi Arsene. Enjoying your new found freedom?


What did he actually do with them 4 players you mentioned at the end of your post.


He is trying to implement high-pressing and high-defensive line with Mustafi and Bellerin. You clearly can’t do it with them. These 2 players have been trusted by Wenger.


Get Top 4? Wenger ain’t much of a tactical coach but he knows how to get the most out of his players. Sir Alex used to do the same. Mourinho was good at it too till he became a moneywhore.


Really don’t give a fuck about Wenger anymore.

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Bellerin no but Mustafi’s style is used to high pressing. He loves getting a tackle in or intercepting before the opponent gets in. His concentration and commanding skills are another case. He may have fucked up for the first 2 goals against Chelsea but he looks much better suited. He went from atrocious to bad-ok.
Bellerin has the attributes to pull it off but so far he hasn’t.


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I think it’s two games in against the two most recent legaue winning sides and I’m fucked if I’m gonna make any judgements.


Sell them. We had all summer


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Past tense


Before city and spurs and became 6 into 4. It was them sort of signings that got us where we are now. So no im not giving him much credit for that.


Yeah, as in its just been done.


It is those sort of signings that was enforced by club on the manager and the manager had to make do.

Just like Emery has to endure having to compete with giants with bunch of 20-30m signings.

Wenger deserves the credit to show loyalty and making it in top 4 all those years.

If not for Wenger, Arsenal would have been back to being a mid-table club that it is supposed to have been if not for Wenger.


I can’t even begin to fathom where he’s trying to take this one because it’s very easy to see lol


The sentence can be read both ways I suppose