Arsène Wenger


Bac I loved you as a player but you left for the wages pal.


Come on mate, that’s AKB talk. Of course the wages were great, but he left for a side who he realistically thought had a far better chance of winning shit.

Whether that worked out or not… He was right to think that way


Wasn’t he supposedly getting 180 grand a week there? I don’t he gave even a tiny little shit about trophies once that offer came in.

Edit: I may be confusing his wages with Nasris


I wonder what Wengers mindset is like now he isn’t in the managerial role at The Arsenal
He must be bulletproof. I fell out of love with AW but at the end of the day , he is a human being .
Where ever AW ends up , what ever he achieves , he is some man .


It’s amazing isn’t it. This is the same feeling I had towards a lot of pundits who spent years slagging Wenger off (often rightfully so), yet then turned around and called the fans disrespectful and classless when we felt the need to voice our displeasure. So they could pinpoint the problem that everyone could see, but the actual fans had no right to be furious?

It’s like people who agreed with us and could see what we saw wanted us to sit by and suffer because it would be “offensive” to Arsene to raise our voices, as if his feelings were what was most important.


First thing I took from that too :joy:


The thing is, it’s easy to look in from the outside and criticise what fans do, especially when you don’t have a real connection with that club, we’re the ones that pay the ticket prices and buy the shirts, we’re essentially the customers, without us the club doesn’t have exist.

The issue is that things got to a point where they’d never née worse at Arsenal in Wengers 22 years so media and what not haven’t been used to seeing us likes this, whilst I’ve supported arsenal before Weneger I was too young to understand how the politics of the club worked so have no idea of the fan mentality bwhen people like Rioch were in charge.


How can people be bothered to post about Wenger still hah


It’s because you guys still have to moan about someone whilst hailing Emery as the new Caesar.


My prediction is that one of the most annoying things our fanbase is going to have to deal with in the next year or so is the AKBs coming out of the woodwork everytime we get a bad result and screaming “told you, be careful what you wish for”!

We won’t stop talking about Wenger for a very long time.


But I wouldn’t state he’s the greatest of all time. I wouldn’t know how to judge but I will always remember him for setting the foundation of our club and being one of the most successful manager for us.


Fair enough, I obviously can’t judge either. I can’t even judge George Graham because I’m too young.

I think Chapman, Graham and Wenger are the three who are in contention and I just like saying Chapman because of the recency effect with Wenger; he’s pissed me off in the last five years too much.


Agreed. Arsene Wenger pissed me off as well. I could be called AKB. Want the man to do well at the club but he couldn’t. Just hope the rest of the guys could lay off him, move on and look forward to the Emery’s era.


Agreed. I was full AKB until about 2015 when I had an awakening and never went back. By the end of it I was furious with the man but once he announced his departure I loved him again, it’s a shame some people are still trying to piss all over him.


Hope he is watching our games to see the mess he has left us in. And to think i have always defended him against everyone. #WengerFuckOut #DontAllowWengertheprattoEntertheEmitares




I feel so stupid right now.


I think you should just get yourself a nice cup of tea and hit the hay :slight_smile:


Been on the booze mate?


No, i have just realized how Wenger has ruined our great club. It’s a complete mess.