Arsène Wenger


Not joining the silly debate about “no club wants Wenger, every club wants Wenger”. Because I don’t want to look like an idiot if he does get a top job and have 50 ppl yelling “I told you so”.

With that said you list of managers who didn’t make it at a top club is not fair at all. All these managers were picked up because they showed much promise in a club just under wc level. Exciting and generally supported at the time.

I think Wengers future may be as a caretaker manager. Seeing of the season when a underperforming teams manager get the sack. Or a reunion with Gazidis.


To be fair to Wenger, I do wonder if there is also a bit of a shift in the overall landscape of management in football. The era of Fergie and Wenger is over - to some degree Wenger is still very much considered “an Arsenal man” and he probably always will be - not saying that is exclusionary at all, but I think it factors into the thinking of a management team looking to hire. Sort of a like a character actor that plays one iconic role for the majority of their career and then pretty much can’t get a job b/c that is all we see him/her as.

More importantly, I think there is a bit of a changing of the guard - there is more willingness to try a younger manager - there is more of a feeling that “new ideas” and “higher energy” and perhaps even better relatability to players (Wenger is 50+ years older than these guys). Not saying that he won’t get a top appointment or that old managers don’t have a chance, but I think this could also be playing a part.

Guardiola is 47
Tuchel is 44
Nagelsmann is 31
Emery is 46
Zidane is now 46
Kovac 46
Poch 46
Simeone 48
Gattuso 40

Allegri 50
Lopetegui 51
Klopp is 51
Valverde is 54
Mourinho is 55
Sarri is 59
Spalletti 59
Heynckes 73 (out now)

It is actually quite amazing that in this selection of big team managers, there isn’t a single one currently even 60 or above and Sarri and Spalletti are a bit of an outlier at 59… median/mean are both close to 49-ish…

Anyway, I reckon AW will find another job - imho it should be national job at this point. If I were a betting man, if he DID get a job in club football, it wouldn’t be at any of the top clubs above… maybe a Monaco would take a chance or someone like that (history and all that)… it will be tough for him this next phase I fear - as much as I wanted him out, I still love the guy.


And you actually think he’s going to lie about having job offers? Moyes has had 3 jobs since United and you think no one is offering Wenger a job? It wasn’t long ago PSG was offering him the job as manager and he was reported to have been offered a job on their board this summer.

I don’t think he gets a top European team that he wants because he’s had a poor season but to think the none elite wouldn’t be offering someone with his track record, contacts and knowledge a job is unrealistic.


Who do you reckon offered him a job then?

Because yea I definitely think he’s bending the truth/using very carefully chosen words there. Like he has done for the last 22 years.


It’s interesting because you’ve forgot many of the old elite. Wenger at 68 is still older than Ancelloti 59, Benitez 58, Van Gaal 67, Pellegrini 64, Ranieri 66 but not Capello 72 but he’s been on the international circuit for over a decade. There’s Hodgson who’s 71.

Hell George Graham is only 4 years older than Wenger and he last managed in 2001

I remember when Martin O’Neil was considered a top young manager, he’s 66 now. Same with O’Leary who’s 60 now. Many of the managers you’ve listed won’t go onto be remembered that fondly in 10-15 years.

It’s incredible Wenger had a managerial career spanning 34 years


PSG offered him a job this summer, which would of seen him in charge of transfers and the re-structing of the club.

And anyone who wanted a manager with a track record of hitting their top 4 target for the last however many years, speaks 6 languages and contacts with everyone who’s anyone in football.


Think he just wants a break atm.


I didn’t forget them - but they aren’t around any more, which is kind of part of my hypothesis (granted, it is hypothesis only at this point) that clubs are looking towards younger/fresher managers to some degree, or at least leaning more in that direction rather than the 60+ and 70+ crowd. I also think there is a funny trend of managers “going back” (e.g, Heynckes). I guess what I am suggesting is that if you look at that population of top clubs (15-20 or so), I am guessing the % of managers over 65 is going down and it will stay down.


I can’t believe people think Wenger hasn’t been offered jobs when managers like Alan Pardew routinely find clubs. Just because he had gone below our standards doesn’t mean many clubs still wouldn’t kill to have him there.


Of course Wenger received a ton of job offers. World football loves experts like Wenger with a big reputation.

I bet he’s received loads of offers for non managerial positions like executive director, specialist adviser, DOF, TV apps etc

Manager wise he was definitely asked about by some obscure national teams. Wenger could still pull a top club imo, maybe as a caretaker


Well a majority on here seemed to think Wenger ran the economics of a multibillion dollar enterprise owned by someone else but pocketed our winnings and ran little projects for his own amusement at the expense of performance until he fired himself.

It makes sense if the consensus is now that he is bad and can’t get a job and everyone who disagrees is probably deluded I take it.


Quite accurate really…


As per Arsenal fans, Wenger was the only employee at Arsenal. No one else had any responsibilities.


Wrong. Arsenal fans know that there are 600 employees at Arsenal and Wenger had to be careful in the market so he could pay all their wages.




Does he really want to be someone that stands in the road and directs play right and left though?


Fuck off Sagna.


“how can you disrespect the manager?”
“I left because people were too comfortable under his management”

There’s your answer idiot.

Imagine acting all high and mighty about how the fans have behaved and then leaving for the same reason.

I love you Bac but basically shut up with your faux respect


“He was at the top. Then when recently they weren’t doing so well…”