Arsène Wenger


If Emery with his resume can get a Top job in Arsenal, it is laughable to see people suggest Wenger won’t get a Top club gig.


That’s exactly why it’s laughable to suggest that Wenger will get a top club gig, because the only top club incompetent enough to hire him as a manager just fired him. :slight_smile:


You can be snarky about all this all you want but plenty of Top clubs have hired series of managers who are really really inferior to Wenger.

See Moyes, See Andre Villa Boas, See Roberto Di Matteo, See Van Gaal, See Avram Grant, etc etc.
Emery & Thomas Tuchel got PSG job despite not being anything special. Who is manager of Dortmund right now? Brendan Rodgers went from Swansea to Liverpool. etc. etc.

I am quite sure instead of taking the gist of what I am saying, I will be dragged into annoying pendantry about how one of the managers listed were this & that or whatever.


You really don’t get it, do you? Wenger will not be considered for any top club, no top club is considering him or is likely to consider him, unless Milan or Inter do something stupid in the coming years, but all signs are even those often badly run clubs are shaping up a bit. All those examples you’ve put are meaningless, like you said, it’s pointless to get into pedantry and go one by one, but let’s just say comparing Wenger’s chances with Tuchel’s to sign for a top club is like comparing Steven Gerrard’s (current chances) with Matteo Kovacic’s.

You need to wise up, Trion, your desperate hanging on to Wenger is really just kinda sad at this point. Accept the fact he’s way past it, he’s currently a terrible manager (such that, make no mistake, Emery is a marked improvement on him) for the top level of the sport, and move on. Football continues. Unfortunately Arsenal is pretty well fucked, but if you want a new idol, open your eyes to people like Tuchel, Nagelsman, Setién, or even Sarri, Klopp, and Guardiola themselves, you don’t strike me as a guy who supports club first and then manager anyways. :slight_smile:

And please, accusing other people of pedantry when you resorted to semantics to get out of what you well know is you being wrong–that is, you genuinely thought Wenger would be in demand after Arsenal, and he’s not. No cuela, I would say if you spoke spanish, but I’ll settle for the unsatisfactory translation of, that shit doesn’t pass the smell test for a second. We’re not (well some of us anyways) idiots.


Have I ever told you how much I like you Atléti boy?


I always had faith that in that big head of yours lay the necessary resources to appreciate a luminary such as myself.


If I have a literal big head your figurative one is much bigger


It can happen when you’re a luminary.


Poor analogy because physical prowess do detoriate with age; managerial acumen doesn’t.

There was no semantics involved.
You have to remember the context.
The instances TSC is talking about is when Zindane resigned as Real Madrid manager.
Some just speculated that Wenger might join Real Madrid.

Obviously pedantic fucks that you guys are, suddenly took that as a gospel.

That’s what I meant by when some suggested Wenger can get a job as opposed to Wenger will become Real’s manager.

Emery has not shown anything to suggest he is better than Wenger.
When he does, come back and tell me that.
Before that you might wanna not be so loco poco.


Who most if not all of us have no memory of…


What does that have to do with anything? Just because we don’t have a memory of him, that negates what he did? The history is clear


Van Gaal has achieved more in football than Wenger.




Lol. A little bit of respect for the man’s achievements is on it’s place.


Literally the only thing I think of when I hear the name van gaal


That is on you, isn’t it :sweat_smile:? Champion in the Netherlands, Spain and Germany.


Stock response when someone is right and you’re wrong


I’m not sure that’s true




lol the quote is from Wenger.