Arsène Wenger


After a decade of abuse, let the guy have a holiday ffs lol


Waiting for Ivan the Terrible to leave. :wenger2:


It’s more like he’s had ten years of paid vacation so he should probably get to work.


He is already making deals behind the scenes. Just look at how we are doing recently! :henry2:


Wasn’t he going to be hired by PSG Real, ohh right I almost forgot that he’s well past it.


There was only a very small number of people saying that in fairness.


I think TSC is gunning specifically for those few people haha


Who was it that said PSG & Real Madrid type clubs would be in hot pursuit of him ? :eyes:


Goat arsenal manager.


Herbert Chapman


He’s waiting till Mou gets the sack and frees up the United job.


Actually no one said that.


Said referring to the Europa League, I questioned whether Cristo really thought that

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But no one claimed he is joining PSG or Real Madrid.
Saying he can and he will is different.

I say the same. If Wenger won’t have any issue getting to manage a top club. Ridiculyto think otherwise


Anyone can manage a top club by that logic.


Oh Trioncito :poldi::arteta::wenger:


Desperately reaching.


Still think he can manage a top side, not sure he will though. Maybe he turned a couple down this summer who knows :grinning:


For grammatically uneducated, that may seem so


Again for bunch of simpletons, you can be pedantic like that