Arsène Wenger


Not quite sure if it’s all tongue in cheek and I highly doubt it but what’s with all the hate now he’s gone?

I’ll always have nothing but respect for the man, we had his best years.


We also had his worst which is why some fans are probably still a bit bitter. I find myself pretty indifferent to anything he’s doing right now and don’t really care for what he has to say. I’m sure down the line it will be easier to romanticise his achievements but as for right now I’m more interested in seeing how the club drags itself out of this pit of mediocrity he placed us in.


How can you take anything he says seriously, when he uses the sentence, “I like change?”

It was his inability to change and adapt, preferring to stick with the same players and tactics no matter how bad it turned out, that got us into this mess.


Better late than never. He sounds more free now so he can speak with freedom.


I’m honestly just glad he finally called time on the club, so we can finally start to look back on him more fondly, instead of the mess of the final few years. (Yeah I know I’m 3 months late but who cares :gunnersaurus: )

It was certainly noticeable in the final few weeks, how much of the weight had been lifted from him. More relaxed and seemingly able to accept that now really was the time to move on for the sake of everybody.

Not sure I’ll look back on ‘Emirates’ Wenger so well, but ‘Highbury’ Wenger was simply outstanding, and those 10 years of Arsenal, I’ll always truly cherish and fully appreiciate Wenger for everything he did then.

Look forward to what he decides to do next in his career.


sorry if posted already, I saw this just a couple of days ago and I agree with Mysty about “looking back on him more fondly”, spot on!

Pretty interesting stuff, specially when Cross talked about one of the banks sort of demanding Wenger to stay in order to get the loan to the Emirates. Huge responsibility I would say.

There has been and will be a lot of debate about the Emirates era for a long time and I don’t want to start another one atm. Anyways I just wanted to share this because I enjoyed it a lot and it helped me to slowly get over the disappointment and frustration from recent years.



Good read for your morning commute!


Welcome back mate! Good to have you back!! :blush:




How the hell could you call it romanticise his achievements? The man you like it or not won 3 Premier League, 7 FA Cups, 7 Community Shields (yes I consider it as it normally involves beating the next best team).

In addition to the fact we had the Invincible under him and some great football but I agree his teams have failed in the last decade or so for the bigger trophies.

I would only call it romanticise if he didn’t win anything and achieve nothing.


You can just tell from his comments now that he was blinded while he was still in the job and had no perspective on the situation. Now that he’s had some time to reflect, the shackles have come off and he seems like a free man.

There’s no doubt that his departure was the best thing for us, but with some distance it’s surely what is best for him as well and he now seems to accept that. I’m sure he’ll enter a new chapter in his life now that will be very fulfilling for him and I’m glad he’s escaped the stress of what must have been a nightmarish job at times.




I think Wenger would be great for AC Milan. It’s a great platform for him, hope it happens


Lol Wenger and Gaz reunion.


Lol yeah! It would be so funny!


Hahahaha I said it in the Gazidis thread :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Get Wenga back. Emery out! :unai: :wenger2:


Zero rumours of him signing for a new club, or nation.

Is he taking a break or something?


He is still working to our deals :xhaka:.


Sky should throw a bucket of money at him to replace Henry