Arsène Wenger


A shame if true as I quite looked forward to reading and not believing his version of things.


He’s already made it clear that its the fans fault.


And the 600 staff he had to make sure got paid.



Is it another faked quote on twitter or is this actual real?


Sounds fake as fuuuuck haha


Step 1: get twitter

Step 2: disregard everything said by this guy


So I block that guy and his fake quotes gets on decent regurgitating news accounts?


I’d like to apologise to OA for infecting this board with Fake News


Blame those dipshits for falling for it haha, they should know better.


If that basic bitch trolling attempt actually triggers some dumbass Liverpool fans then I’m on board with that


I like the new fake Wenger. He says all the things other pundits are affraid to say. Especially when he called Harry Kane a “ mouthbreathing tap-in merchant”.






Arsene Who ?


Soon to be Euro 2020 and subsequently world cup 2022 champion with England. That’s who.


We don’t trust foreigners anymore.


Japan are asking if he will manage their national team.


Kind of his level.


Not sure after that showing against Belgium why they have lost ambition tbh.


Well, at least he knows…